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Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks

Tips and tricks for organizing your closet on a budget

The closet can be the most difficult place to keep organized. Your various attempts to keep organized a closet full of clothing, shoes, and other daily use items may sometimes seem entirely futile. Couple the weight of the task with how busy you are, and the problem seems all the more impossible.

Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks


For me, this urgency means that whatever organizational methods I employ must be both convenient and easy to perform (which let’s be honest–can be difficult to find.) Here are some phenomenal tips, tricks, and hacks to help you turn the tide in the war against your closet.


closet organization systemsThe last thing anyone wants, of course, is to break the bank in our effort to organize the space. These tips are cost effective and sound advice, and I’m sure you will find yourself incredibly pleased with the result.


Take the time to really inspect the space you have as you read, and I’m sure you’ll find these affordable solutions the perfect thing to help win back your much needed closet space.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Closet Organization Hacks

Use both your vertical and horizontal space

closet organizer with narrow shelvesRemember that you have a lot of real estate if you make intentional use of the space. Buy a couple of sturdy vertical organizers so you make sure you are taking advantage of the available room. 


These vertical cloth organizers are perfect for thin storage areas, and come with a sturdy steel frame and cloth drawers, making them a perfect solution that is quick and hassle-free.  


Bonus Tip:  if you have a ton of clothes, consider storing your summer clothes in the organizer during the winter season and your winter clothing in it while it’s warm outside.

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Bookshelf closet organization 

If you have an old bookshelf collecting dust somewhere, repurpose it for more organizational territory in your closet! Some bookshelves are pretty easy to dismantle and reassemble, so you can always make it smaller if it won’t fit in your closet.


Wire shelving 

closet organization ideas - DIY shelvingHave you thought about what you can do to improve the shelving situation in your closet? You always have the option to install additional shelves.  But, if you need extra space for hangers, use this simple and elegant closet wire shelf by ClosetMaid in your closet instead of a regular wooden one.


This handy and easy-to-install shelf includes a SuperSlide hanger bar that allows for easy slip from one side to the other, so sorting through clothes will never be a hassle. This vinyl-coated shelf will give you a ton of extra space to hang whatever you want.

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Scarf organization 

scarf organizer for closetsHave you ever sought to find the scarf that matches that specific outfit perfectly, only to find that it’s lost in the jumble of clothes cluttering your closet? Me too!


If you have multiple scarves, it’s incredibly difficult to keep them organized and in easy reach. Pick up a Marcus Mayfield scarf and tie hanger so you have easy access to your wrinkle-free scarves. This one comes in purple, and is elegantly designed with no sharp edges or corners in order to avoid snagging. Whether its a tie, a scarf, a pashmina or accessories, this hanger will never go unused!

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Glass or wine box storage hack

closet organization systems and tipsIt’s a wise decision to avoid throwing out the majority of packing boxes, as these can almost always be used for extra storage.


If you have recently purchased glassware (or a case of bottled wines), do not get rid of the box! 


Most of these boxes come with little inserts perfectly suited to cradling your collection of pumps and flats.


Repurpose old shower hooks

closet organizing hacksI think most of us have at least a couple of shower hooks hanging around. I feel like I always get a few extra every time I replace my shower curtain. You can use these hooks in your closet too! They are very useful for belts, ties, and handbags, and these premium hooks will outlast any hook you’ve ever had.

tips and tricks to organize your closet


Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the The Organized Home from Hilary Pope Erickkson. It’s a full no nonsense course for decluttering every room in your house.


Utilize hanging organizers

affordable closet organization hacksOrganizers that hang can prove invaluable all over the house, and hanging organizers can be used in a multitude of places, with the most common type seen being an over the door organizer. Of particular note for your closet is the hanging shelf organizers for a multitude of purposes–simply hang from it from your hanging rod to easily increase your storage space!


This 50 inch vertical hanging shelf from Household Essentials comes in a bend-resistant polyester cotton blend and its six-shelf system will surely transform your closet space.

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How to hang up pants without a pant hanger

If you buy a new pair of trousers, you definitely don’t want them wrinkled and crumpled after their first wash and stow–hanging them up is usually the best option. If you don’t have fancy pant hangers around, use a bag clip instead!  It’s likely that it’ll keep a better grip on your pants anyway.


Secondary option for hanging up pants

special hangers to organize and save space in your closetConsider just picking up an S type steel hanger. These stainless steel S-types from DOIOWN will be the last you’ll ever need, and they’ll make you wonder how you ever survived with a standard hanger. You can hang five things from it at once, and it’s sure to hold up in the long run.

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Video on Closet Organization and Storage

Oh, and just stumbled across this video with 10 clever organization tips by Carly Cristman.  She has some super ideas and these will especially handy if you live in an apartment or have a small closet.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did.

Tiered basket storage

storage basket for closet organizingConsider hanging an elegant tiered basket from the ceiling in which you can keep hats, scarves, and gloves. This is a nice way to keep all of the little things in one place, and particularly valuable in storing items of aesthetic value, as you can see everything inside. By suspending them away from the floor and in a place that is all their own, you’ll find it almost impossible to lose one side of any paired accoutrement!

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Soda tab trick

OK, so I am sure you have seen this one if you’ve ever glanced in your best friend’s closet (or at least I hope you have). Use a pop can tab to hook two hangers together! This is great if you have many two-piece outfits, or if you just need to easily double your current storage space. If you want to get even more bang for your buck, hang a short length of chain vertically from your hanger rod with a shower hook. You will be able to hang three or four times the clothing from a single point. Combine this hack with the shower hook trick to magically transform your hanging rod!


Easy storage boxes

cheap storage boxes for closetsAlthough these storage boxes are simple, they are also life savers. I am sure I am not the only one who has tried digging through storage boxes to find the small t-shirt at the bottom of the pile. With an open top and folding design, these Internet’s Best storage bins will keep your goods at once organized and visible.

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Peg board

peg board for closet storageSpeaking of losing a piece, I am sure I am not the only one who always manages to lose one glove! If the basket trick isn’t enough, put a peg board inside of your closet. These durable metal pegboards hold up several times better than cork or wooden pegboards and install as easy as whistling. You can hang gloves, umbrellas, hats, and scarves, or even up the ante with pots and pans if you’re in a bind for kitchen space. This keeps everything you need in sight and nicely organized.

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Keep your boots in shape

Most of us have at least one pair of incredibly long boots for those cold winter days. It’s always a little sad to pull them out in the fall after not wear them all summer, only to find that they’ve become bent or crimped. Cut a pool noodle to fit perfectly inside each boot so they don’t lose their shape. Remember to replace the pool noodle every couple of years, as they tend to disintegrate over time.


Hat rack

lazy susan hack rack for closetsDo you wear a lot of hats? Does your partner? Pick up a hat rack so your every headpiece can hold its shape and stay in fantastic condition. This elaborate hat rack by Homdox can be purposed for a myriad of uses, whether you aim to exhibit your entire collection or just offer guests a variety of options upon entry. In your closet, the wheeled circular design will allow for a lazy susan of fantastic value and versatility!

Circular hat rack


Get rid of old clothing

I believe wholeheartedly in minimizing clutter! Go through your clothes periodically, and get rid of the stuff you are never going to wear. Less clutter means less stress–not to mention the stress that goes along with trying to choose the “right” outfit every day.  Even better, donate it!


Utilize drawer dividers

closet drawer organization for lingerieIt is almost impossible to keep an underwear drawer organized–especially if you keep your socks in the same drawer, or (perish the thought) share that drawer with your partner. The only way you’ll ever conquer the underwear organizational challenge is if you pick up some drawer organizers. I definitely recommend this Simple Houseware organizer set made of sleek unwoven cloth.

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Hanger trick for slippery clothing

hangers for organizing your closetIsn’t it a little annoying when it takes two or three tries to get your clothing to actually stay on the hanger? Consider picking up the premium velvet hangers.  Trust me; they can be a lifesaver!


TechZoo has combined durable metal and design with lush velvet fabric to ensure that nothing will ever slip off your hanger again. If you don’t want to purchase anything yet and have some pipe cleaners, you can wrap these around the end of the hanger to provide a non-slip surface.

closet organization tools

Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the The Organized Home from Hilary Pope Erickson. It’s a full no nonsense course for decluttering every room in your house.



Cycle out your clothing

20 closet organization hacks to save spaceMake sure you are rotating your clothing into and out of storage based on the season. In the fall, unpack your winter duds and tuck away the tank tops. Shut the unused clothing away in storage so you don’t have to worry about it until next season.


Revolving shoe rack solution

shoe rack for closetAlthough over-the-door and shelf organizers are nice for shoes, a revolving shoe rack presents a clean, stylish, and more organized option than either of these things.


This Houseware Essentials rack supports a whopping 24 shoes at adjustable heights, so you can park flats and clogs and even small boots without ruffling an eyelash. It comes at a price, but it can be well worth that price, particularly if you have to stow your shoes someplace visible to guests.

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Wall clothes hanging organizer

tips for organizing your closet hangersIf you don’t have a lot of room in your closet but still have clothing that needs to be hung, grab a wall clothes hanging organizer! These innovative steel hangers by Kes are just the thing to turn a few inches of your wall into a space-saving phenomenon worthy of discussion, and can be swiveled up and out of the way when not in use! This is a unique space saving solution that you can hang on any wall!

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Buy a room divider for niche space

shoji for additional storage spaceIf you’ve milked your closet space for all its worth, or if you just don’t have a closet that closes at all, buy yourself a nice stylish room divider that sets off your decor motif! This adorable Coaster shoji is the perfect amount of conventional Japanese and sets well against any decorative theme.


If you’re just out of closet space, find a niche or a corner in a low traffic portion of your living space and close it off with the divider. With the right sense of style and an assortment of the preceding tips, you can turn any corner or nook into an impromptu closet and spark your feng shui at the same time!

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Other Higher End Closet Organization Products

towel dividerThis Presseur Metal Shelf Divider is an excellent choice if you are hoping to keep your towels and other shelf items nicely organized.



deluxe shelf organizerThis Deluxe Shelf Organizer is great if you have a lot of purses or other small things that you want to keep high up on a shelf.







closet organization systemI love this SweetSymphony Closet System! It’s a great option to get all of the organization you want out of your closet.



closet organizer solutionThis is another Closet Hanging Organizer option. These come in many styles and are incredibly versatile to place around your home.



revolving shoe organizer for closetIf you are looking for a revolving shoe organizer that is still good quality, but smaller than the version I talked about earlier, consider this Revolving Shoe Organizer.




closet organization hanging shelfBecause hanging organizers are so popular, I wanted to recommend a nicer version of the Hanging Closet Organizer. These are so handy, as they allow for a compact storage solution to keep things organized.



closet organization dividerThis Lynk Closet Shelf Divider is another style option if you are shopping for shelf dividers.


When it comes to shelf dividers, you have options so make sure you get something that fits your style at home.

Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the The Organized Home from Hilary Pope Erickson. It’s a full no nonsense course for decluttering every room in your house.


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Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks

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