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Bedroom Organization Hacks to Declutter and Enlarge Space

10 organization hacks to make your bedroom seem spacious and clean

bedroom organization tips to make your space look larger

Nothing is quite so draining as coming home after a long day to clutter. It is hard to feel good when the space you escape to is yet another burden.


Liberate yourself from the discomfort of a catastrophic mess. Use these bedroom organization hacks, and enjoy the benefit of more apparent space.


Minimalist is best

Bedroom Organization Hacks to Declutter and Enlarge SpaceRemember that less is more. These bedroom organization hacks will make a big difference and enhance your living space.


The truth is that you can do yourself a gigantic favor by deciding how much you need to keep.


Take the time to clean out, not just clean up. Keep a bag with you as you go through these tips and tricks and thin out the things you don’t use and won’t need.


There are plenty of charitable organizations that can benefit from your donations.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Organization hacks for the bedroom

Turn your walls into useable space

organization tips for bedroomsThere is no denying that wall space dominates your room. The perception of your space and the reality of it are both defined by the area of your walls.


Maximize your access to this vertical space by working these bedroom organization hacks into your life.


Line the corners with shelves

Most ceilings sit eight or nine feet off the floor, leaving plenty of room for even the tallest of friends.


You can purchase shelves (or DIY them) to fit every wall in your bedroom. You can take one or two feet without any fear of bruising the biggest of heads in your life.


bedroom organization hacks shelfIf you’re looking for high class and great quality, the Welland Deep Grande will make the most of depth and profile. If you’re looking to run the entire perimeter of your bedroom and cost is a factor, consider DIY. Pre-made shelves are incredibly convenient, but they come at a cost.


Make these shelves eye candy by working artistry into the process. This can be through texture, paint, or carved wood.


What you do with this space is up to you, and largely depends on the quality of your shelving. These higher and harder to reach places might be optimal for long-term storage.


bedroom organization hacks step stoolBe sure you are tall enough to reach them or invest in a small step stool. I love this little Delxo two-step for its modern look and slim profile.


Decorate your shelves to humanize the space, or cap them with cabinet doors to make them almost invisible!


Install hanging baskets below your shelves

Shelves will open your space a lot with very little profile to the eye.


Diminish the perception of these shelves or cabinets even further by hanging baskets or plants from them. If you style your hanging storage and decorations right, those upper shelves will almost disappear.


hang tiered baskets - bedroom organization ideasPersonally, I liked this Fox Run hanging basket set. It’s a budget-friendly tasteful option that requires virtually no installation.


These hanging baskets also open further access for your spatial freedom.


Wicker or wire can offset the perfect motif if matched correctly. Place them in the corners for best effect. Strike a balance with hanging plants that will thrive in the placement.


Place freestanding cabinets along the foot of the walls

Take full advantage of floor space along the walls by placing freestanding cabinets along the floor. Remove the skirting boards if you want a nice clean flush against the wall.


bedroom organization hacks cupboardAmeriwood makes a phenomenal freestanding cabinet for an incredibly modest price.  This Espresso Flynn Storage Cabinet is perfect for saving space.


One way to truly accentuate the space and increase your storage area is to buy short cabinets of different depths.


Place the deepest cabinet on the bottom. You may then stack progressively smaller cabinets as you work up the wall.


This creates a sense of openness—the higher the eye goes, the more room you have. It also creates a makeshift shelf for small décor or everyday items.


If you match the cabinets well and install them level, you can make progressive shelves that wrap your entire room without interruption. You can even laminate over the tops!


Use the space your bed takes up to your advantage

We all have one thing that tends to take up anywhere from forty to eighty percent of our bedroom space. It might be your favorite place, but the cost to your space is incredibly impactful.


It’s your bed of course. You can sleep without one, but I wouldn’t advise it. Seriously, though, a futon or roll-up pallet is certainly an alternative. Consider what you’re willing to take in trade.


For me, I’ll take a good old mattress and frame. If you agree, use these bedroom organization hacks to get yourself into a good bed space!


Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the Declutter and Simplify Bootcamp course from Tracy Lynn. It’s a full 21 day course for decluttering every room in your house.


Install shelving into your headboard

If you can buy a bed frame with a storage headboard and storage space beneath, go for it. You won’t regret having the extra space and eliminating the need to fashion or customize a solution of your own.


bedroom organization hacks storage - small bedroom organizationThe Prepac Sonoma Storage Bed combines multiple solutions for an economic and elegant design.


This will leave you free you to put your time and effort into other hacks.


Otherwise, take the time to measure out and order or build shelves that slip right over the top of your existing bed frame.


bedroom organization hacks headboard - DIY room organizationPrepac also has a wonderfully priced Bookcase Headboard that turns your sleeping space into a veritable library.


This is much easier to access than a nightstand and costs less to your overall bedroom space.


Make/buy trundles or cargo trunks that stow beneath your bed

bedroom storage and organization hacks If you have space beneath your bed, it would be a huge waste not to use it. Maybe you already are, but chances are you’ve taken to stuffing whatever you can wherever you can.


The best way to ensure the maximum use of space is through systematic organization. Trundle drawers or carts make that space easily accessible.


bedroom organization hacks cartIf you’re of a mind to buy them, I found the Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart a low profile and reliable option.


Otherwise, you can make them with old drawers, some 360-degree swivel wheels and an absolute minimum of time and effort.


If that’s too much for you, or you have thick shag carpet on which wheels will refuse to roll, buy cargo trunks.


DIY bedroom organization hacks chestI find these Seward Footlockers quirky and adorable.


The trunks or totes you use under your bed can be solid material like wood or leather, or collapsible canvas or cloth. Be sure to measure your space before spending a dime.


Pin a cargo net below your bed

Some people don’t like trunks or drawers poking out and prefer a clean look. If this is you, conceal your storage by pinning or nailing a strong cargo net to the bottom of your bed frame.


bedroom organization hacks net for under the bedThis Hook and Cord Bungee Cargo Net measures 60″ and should safely retain light weight storage with ease.


This is a bit of a ninja storage trick, and you might have to flip your whole unit over to achieve this master craft.


Be sure to pin the netting well, or it will sag right off under the least amount of strain.


Also, take time to consider where to secure your net and where to leave it open. The last thing you want is to flop the frame back over only to find you’ve left your openings under the headboard!


Use the extra space hiding in plain sight

Take a minute to stop and look around your bedroom. You will find that there are dozens of places where simple shifts can allow for bedroom organization hacks.


Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the Declutter and Simplify Bootcamp course from Tracy Lynn. It’s a full 21 day course for decluttering every room in your house.


Install tension rods into the small nooks and unused windows

Many apartments and older houses have small nooks in the walls. These exist where uneven framing or air ducts prevent straight flat surfaces.


If you don’t have those, take a long look at which windows don’t get a lot of eye traffic. Take full advantage of these recesses by installing tension rods.


bedroom organization hacks net for under the bed - curtain rodThe AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod offers a nice range of lengths from which to choose.


You can use these spaces as extra closets or get creative and make a tie or scarf rack. If you don’t find you need the space specifically for clothes, you can also hang art from these racks.


Fix organizers to the window sills

Use small box organizers or larger cloth bins on your window sills. You can capitalize on the spare space of your window sill to make effective use of this forgotten bedroom space.


bedroom organization hacks cubbiesI found that these Sodynee Foldable Cubes were perfect for small storage and fit nicely onto almost any window sill.


You might need to keep it small for cloth organizers. Build solid bins straight onto the surface of the window sill.


The type of organizer and the means of securing it may vary, given some window sills are tile or ceramic, and many have a tin sheet that runs below the surface.


Be sure you know what you’re drilling into before you start.


Buy only drawer and cabinet furniture

If you’re considering bedroom organization hacks early enough, be sure that no furniture you buy comes without some means of additional storage.


Beds, TV stands, nightstands, and ottomans all come with different storage options. Pick for utility when furnishing your bedroom.


Invest in large trunks for long-term storage

A lot of usable space gets sucked up by things like TV stands and tables. Buy large trunks and decorative chests to increase your storage space and the overall style of your bedroom.


bedroom organization hacks dresserHousehold Essentials provides a nicely sized decorative trunk, which fits perfectly with almost any motif.


Use a large decorative chest as your TV stand, and secret trunks away beneath your table, far enough in that it won’t impair sitting.


With the right large-scale permanent storage solutions, you can ensure that your bedroom organization hacks focus on the things you use most.

Bedroom organization hacks - simple tips to declutter your bedroom

Here are some pictures for additional inspiration to help get you organizing. Please feel free to click through if there is a specific item you want more information on.


bedroom organization ideas for decluttering

This bedroom look from Wayfair was beautiful. We loved how minimal and modern it was. This is a great example of using under the bed storage to help keep your room better organized.


bedroom organization hacks

We also loved this bedroom look, and not just because of the cat. This traditional layout is lovely with its muted colors and the area rug under the bed.


Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the Declutter and Simplify Bootcamp course from Tracy Lynn. It’s a full 21 day course for decluttering every room in your house.


Final Thoughts on Bedroom Organization Tips

Clearing out the clutter can do wonders for your mood.  The bedroom is the area is the first thing we see when we wake and last thing we see before we go to sleep, so creating good vibes and peace to this sanctuary will always help.


What was your favorite bedroom organization hack? Do you have any additional hacks to make your space look bigger?


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Bedroom Organization Hacks to Make Your Room Look Larger

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