Savvy Hacks to Organize Your Bathroom on a Budget

Of all the places in the house, few can get quite so cluttered or cramped as the bathroom. Getting ready for the morning sets the pace for the rest of your day, and clutter and disorganization can only help to disrupt your routine.

Bathroom Organization Hack


small bathroom organization ideasFrom the things that fall out of your vanity mirror to the infuriating stuff that tries to burst out from under the sink every time you’re fishing for something within, we’ve all experienced the difficulty of keeping the bathroom clean and well-stocked.


Rescue yourself from the chaos by taking the time to make and use all the space you can imagine by implementing these several simple and accessible hacks. My hope is that these simple tips will enable you to reclaim your precious vanity space and harness the power a clean area has on your morning rituals.


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Bathroom Organizational Hacks

bathroom organization ideasUnder-sink Storage Shelves by Sana

These clever and well-made shelves are modular and telescopic, making them the perfect addition to the space beneath your sink, regardless of the room you have. Combat those leaky pipes or the gradual collection of moisture by keeping your low-to-reach items safely off the bottom of your cabinet.


The tubes are made of anodized aluminum, which is rustproof, and, the sleek and easy assembly comes second only to the low price. You do yourself a favor by taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

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Natural Bamboo Space Saver

bathroom organization hacks - leverage the space above the toiletEven if you’re operating on a tight budget, you have to admit that the price is well worth the benefit of this beautiful luxury space saver, which fits neatly over your toilet and transforms unusable space over your toilet into an elegant storage solution.


This fashionable piece is available at a fair price and will literally change the energy in your bathroom in an instant. It pairs well with earth tones and other soft wood textures.

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Basket Shelving

bathroom closet organizationPick up a couple of wire baskets and turn them on their side. Hang it up on the wall, and you will have an immediate space for deep shelving! Most wire baskets are made of pretty sturdy steel, so you can be sure that they will last you a long time.


Baskets can look very stylish, so definitely pick up ones that match your other bathroom decor.

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Utilize Vertical Space

small bathroom organization ideasRemember to utilize the vertical space in your bathroom! Not only is this extra storage space, but it will help your room look more spacious. Consider picking up one of these free-standing bathroom storage shelves.


A product like this is great for things like tissue boxes and extra toilet paper rolls, but you could certainly use it to display your nail polish collection as well!

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Cosmetic Storage Organizer

organizing tips for your bathroomI don’t know about you, but I definitely struggle with keeping the cords for my hair products organized and tangle-free. It can be an event trying to dig down to the bottom of the drawer where you keep your blow-dryer and curling iron.


If you find that you struggle with the same thing, consider picking up a cosmetic storage organizer. This product is fantastic for keeping all of your tools nicely organized, and it also has space to keep your small cosmetics in! This product is very versatile, and can definitely be used for miscellaneous bathroom storage items.

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Tension Rod

bathroom and shower hacksPick up an extendable tension rod. You can use these in the cabinet under your sink to hang different cleaning supplies on. Most bathroom cabinets are taller on the inside than necessary and it’s silly to waste all of that room.


If you find that you don’t really have a lot of cleaning bottles, consider hanging a small basket from the rod with a hook. That opens up a whole lot of storage ideas!


You could keep extra hair supplies, small toiletries, or nail polish in it! You can also hang your hair straightener off the rod.


**Be careful and make sure you measure your cabinet before purchasing a rod. A normal shower rod usually won’t work, as they typically can’t get small enough.

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Skinny Garbage Cans

small bathroom hacksIt seems like in small bathrooms, home builders skimp on the room between the side of the toilet and the wall. If your home is like this, you know exactly what I am referring to.


The annoying thing about this is it can be difficult to find a garbage can that fits. You have to buy one of those tiny office waste-baskets that don’t hold very much.


You can pretty much forget getting a garbage can with a lid, because it just won’t fit.


Pick up one of these skinny garbage cans! They are just like a normal garbage can with a lid, except they are thin and can fit between your toilet and the wall. These are great for families with young kids and pets who may get in the garbage can sometimes.

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Buy a Full-Length Mirror

organizing hacks for small bathroomsThere is no such thing as too much room in your medicine cabinet–in fact, most of us are in need of more! If you have ever considered picking up a full-length mirror, get one that has storage behind it!


If you don’t have room for one of these in your bathroom, you could put one in your bedroom.


This way you could store medications and toiletries you don’t use every day in it, and save the space in the bathroom for things you really need on a regular basis.

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Shoe Organizer

shoe organizer to save space in small bathroomsI think many of us have way too many products in our shower, and there is just not enough room for all of the stuff! Having a cluttered shower area can definitely make space feel smaller, and it’s stressful to look at.


This is where a shoe organizer can come into play. Pick up a waterproof shoe organizer, some extra shower hooks, and attach it to your shower rod. This keeps everything you need nicely organized and easily accessible!

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No-Drill Shower Organizer

extra shelving in shower for more spaceI know that most of us have that handy little shelf in our shower that holds our shampoo and conditioner. I am not sure why they don’t put multiple shelves in the shower, because one is almost never enough! Maybe it’s because most are designed by men!


12 genius tips to organize your bathroom #bathroom #organization #hacksGetting another shelf in your shower can be a bit of a hassle, especially since that will usually include some pretty invasive drilling.


This pretty shower organizer gives you so much more real estate for your shower products, and it doesn’t require any drilling! It’s rust resistant and adjustable so it’s definitely something we love!

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Cabinet Door Shelf

bathroom organization - optimize your vanity spaceOkay, so there are definitely ways you can DIY something like a cabinet door shelf, but if you don’t have the time or patience, you can pick one up for relatively cheap.


This particular cabinet door shelf organizer is great for holding hair products such as a straightener and a blow dryer. It also is made from steel wire, which means you can store your curling or straight iron in it while they are still hot!

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Glass Jars

bathroom organization ideasIf you keep your q-tips and cotton balls stuffed in their bag in a drawer, you are seriously missing out on some potential drawer real estate. Keeping these sort of items organized and within eyesight is definitely preferable, so consider picking up some glass jars to store these kind of products in.


You can easily replace these glass jars with other types of jars you may have around the house. You can also use a mason jar, as these are more stylish for farmhouse-type decor right now, but they also will not be as easy to use since you will have to either remove the lid or spend a minute screwing it off every time you want a cotton ball.

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12 brilliant bathroom organization hacks and ideas

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Bathroom Inspiration


I think we all love looking at beautifully put together rooms (even if we are kind of jealous.) Although there is an expensive way to do things, there are usually DIY tricks you can do to help achieve a similar result.


This is not always the case, but if you begin to have an idea of what you are looking for, you can tweak it until it becomes something you can realistically do and afford.


Below I have put some of my favorite bathroom organization and design inspirations! Please enjoy and follow the links if you want more information about the products shown.



This lovely traditional bathroom design is simple and elegant. We love the high arc faucet and the free-standing bathtub.

picture of organized bathroom

Although recreating the exact design would be costly, you could take design elements such as the neutral earthy tones and the stylish lighting and make it your own.

Organizing tips for your bathroom


Our favorite part of this bathroom design is the cabinets that are built into the counter! This would allow for optimal storage space, and it keeps everything within your reach.

organized bathroom hacks photo

Although this bathroom appears to have some very nice features, it still keeps a relatively simple feel.

Organizing tips for your bathroom


This gorgeous bathroom is light and airy and provides plenty of storage space. You can conveniently keep your towels on a shelf next to the bathtub, and keep any extra bathroom supplies underneath your large cabinet drawers.

bathroom organization hacks

Organizing tips for your bathroom



We decided to include this singular product because we really liked these containers! It’s similar to an option listed above in the post, however, these are a bit more expensive and likely better quality.

bathroom organization hacks container


When you are looking for glass jars to keep things like q-tips and cotton balls, make sure that you will be able to get the lid on and off easily.


Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the Declutter and Simplify Bootcamp course from Tracy Lynn. It’s a full 21 day course for decluttering every room in your house.


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