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Elegant Christmas Decorations For Your Living Room

Holiday and Christmas Decor that is tasteful and elegant

Christmas is such an eventful season of the year. Although the family visits and gift exchanges can be heartwarming, there is also a certain amount of stress that comes along with all of the activities and preparations many of us have planned around this time. If you are expecting to hold a holiday party, you may feel a bit of pressure to have your home looking like a scene out of one of the old classic Christmas movies.

Elegant Christmas Decorations For Your Living room



With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the decor items you want for your home this year. This elegant mix of beautiful Christmas decorations are sure to make your holiday gorgeous and merry!Although you shouldn’t hold yourself to Hollywood’s standard, a few well-placed and elegant Christmas decorations in the living room or kitchen can really add the Christmassy feeling you are looking for.

Even if you aren’t planning on having a lot of company during the holiday season, there is something nice about coming home to the warmth of a well-lit Christmas tree or a garland along your banister. There are plenty of different “themes” you can go with this holiday season, but the classical Christmas is definitely very popular right now. We rounded up some of the best indoor Christmas decor to help you get that elegant look for your home.


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Elegant Christmas Decorations For Your Living room

Advent Calendar

elegant christmas decorThis European-Christmas inspired wooden advent countdown calendar is a great option if you count down the days to Christmas in your home. This gorgeous item is made from sturdy wood and so you can be sure it’s not going to fall apart on you!


If you have kids that love to count down the days until Christmas, this is a great way to get something they can have fun with while still maintaining an artful and elegant showing. This decoration is nice, as the soft earth tones will go with almost any Christmas theme you decide to use.

advent calendar


Throw Pillow

holiday and christmas pillowKeep in mind, your decor doesn’t really need to be extravagant to look nice. Something as simple as a couple of Christmas throw pillows in your living room along with your tree can be enough to add a Christmassy touch to the room.


The nice thing about these throw pillows is that, although they have Christmas colors in them, they are not necessarily exclusive to Christmas, which means you can use them year-round.

throw pillows for elegant christmas decor



christmas garlandChoosing the right garland can be a bit tricky, as there are so many different color themes and types of garlands. If you are hoping for something that looks a little more elegant, consider grabbing a garland that contains some small pine cones and frosted berries.


Garlands don’t have to be used on only your staircase; consider putting some around a doorway or framing your kitchen window over the sink.


The company that produces these garlands specialize in this–so they are definitely worth checking out for any of your garland needs, as they have plenty of options and they are great quality.

christmas decor for the living room and family room



elegant christmas lanternLanterns are definitely a hallmark for a classic Christmas look. They are versatile and will look good in almost any room. You can definitely choose to pick up a plain lantern and decorate it as you wish, such as dressing it up with a string of white lights or a couple of pine cones.


This lantern is lit with electronic LEDs, which is definitely the safer option if you have little kids around. It also comes with a timer so you can save a little on battery juice. I liked this lantern because it’s not something you can really recreate easily at home, and the little carolers definitely add an air of nostalgia.

christmas and holiday decor



living room holiday decorFinish up your mantle decorations with a burlap Christmas banner. You can choose different wording, depending on the feeling you want to create for those who enter the room.


Banners can also be used in other places, such as over mirrors or doorways.


Be wary of where you buy your banner from. When I was searching for a great example on Amazon, it seems that the majority of complaints about burlap banners come from the fact that the manufacturer sometimes misspelled the words on the banner. A pretty serious mistake, so definitely check out the reviews before buying!

christmas decorations for the living room


Classic Stockings

christmas stockings for the fireplaceI think we all know that stockings are part of our home decor, even though they serve a much more important purpose if you have kids. Pick up some classic stockings with cute Christmas characters. Your kids are sure to still love them, while you can craft the Christmas look you dream of.


These character Christmas stockings come in 3 different adorable character styles, all individually colored and hand-crafted. They are also larger than your traditional stocking, giving plenty of room to fill them with goodies when that advent calendar is out of spaces!

christmas living room decorations - holiday stockings


Christmas Village

christmas villageOkay, so I can’t talk about a classic Christmas look without bringing up the adorable Christmas Village sets that you can buy. These are the intricate mini towns you can display on flat surfaces or at the foot of your tree. These gorgeous sets are definitely one of my favorite decorations.


The problem with these villages is that you end up buying lots of little buildings and it gets expensive. Really expensive. There is something satisfying about picking up a new cabin, schoolhouse, or ice cream parlor so you keep spending the money.


This is where this beautiful tabletop tree comes in. This tree has all of the intricacies of a mini village, complete with 12 buildings and over 2 dozen little characters.


The train actually moves and the whole set lights up. The cost is a little steep, but it’s a pretty good deal considering you won’t have to buy any other pieces to go with it.


elegant christmas decor


Christmas Wreath

christmas wreathChristmas wreaths are some of the most charming Christmas decorations, especially with all of the options available today. We liked this Christmas wreath for a couple of reasons.

You can switch between colored and white lights depending on the occasion. Also, this wreath is battery operated and comes with a built-in timer. You’d be hard-pressed to ask more of a Christmas wreath.

elegant christmas decor - christmas wreath


Curtain Lights

curtain lights for christmas decorLights around your window frame are a nice look, but there is a different approach you can take this year that will look more elegant. Pick up some curtain lights to hang over your curtains to give it the look of falling snow.


These curtain lights are remote-controlled, use a built-in timer, and offer plenty of different lighting options. These lights go great year-round in a child’s bedroom. Consider putting them over a bed canopy or a child’s tent–I guarantee they will love it!

christmas decorations - hanging lights



nutcrackerNutcrackers are a great collectible and a true hallmark of the season. They never go out of style and are a great keepsake to pass down to further generations. A nutcracker can be used as a Christmas decoration in any room in the house, and this little soldier will brighten the look wherever you choose to use it.


This particular Nutcracker is highly sought after, as he’s the Red King as seen in The Nutcracker. (I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Nutcracker Suite at Lincoln Center).  The vast majority of the reviews are positive, although there were a couple of people who claimed the item broke as it was not strong enough to crack nuts. As a decorative figure, consider letting this little soldier oversee the nut battle from the back ranks.

christmas and holiday decor - Nutcracker



elegant christmas decor - candles with remote control and timerCandles are a beautiful addition to any room, at any time of the year. They just happen to bring life and mystery to a classic Christmas look beyond anything else. Pick up some white flameless candles and stick a few on your mantle, and use a few more for a centerpiece on your kitchen table.


These candles are remote controlled and come with a timer. In case you couldn’t tell–I love things that are remote controlled and come with a timer. I am all about saving money in the long run, and a timer will definitely help with that!

buy it on amazon - christmas decor that's classic and elegant


Birch Tree Decoration

lighted birch tree lampAlthough this is not the typical kind of tree you see around Christmas time, it is a stylish and flexible piece that can be used year-round.


Not only is this prelit battery operated tree good for multiple occasions, it also can double as a jewelry holder.

holiday decor that's elegant

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the decor items you want for your home this year. This elegant mix of beautiful Christmas decorations are sure to make your holiday gorgeous and merry!


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Elegant Christmas Decorations For Your Living room

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