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23 Christmas rugs and carpet runners

As Christmas approaches, many love to add some extra holiday flare by adding Christmas area rugs and carpet runners.  In this article, I’ve gathered some of my favorite holiday rugs for Christmas.  These include holiday rugs for living rooms, entry ways, kitchens, stairs and bathrooms.

Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats

You’ll be happy to know that many are inexpensive and can be used for many years, every time another Christmas approaches.  You’ll also be happy to learn that many of these will also help you protect your hardwood floors and make clean up a bit easier.


I’ve included a wide variety of Christmas rugs. Some include Merry Christmas, Santa, Christmas Trees.  Others are more subtle using Christmas colors, especially red and white for a festive holiday look, and these can be used throughout the winter season or beyond.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you decide to buy something. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Best Christmas rugs and runners

Christmas snowflake area rug.  This rectangular red area rug is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. With its gold and white festive designs, it will provide a fun and upbeat atmosphere.  It can be used as an area rug or yoga mat.  It comes in a 5ft x 7ft size.
rectangular christmas holiday area rug - red with gold and white snowflakes

round christmas rug

I absolutely love this red holiday rug.  It’s pretty and festive and really works for everybody regardless of your religion. This rectangular rug comes in a variety of sizes.

red christmas rug with gold and white stars

christmas runners rugs

If you’re looking for a snowman area rug for Christmas or winter holidays, this one is perfect. It comes in a variety of sizes including very small entry mats all the way up to very large. And, there’s a round option, too.  Oh, and best of all, it’s washable!

snowman rug for Christmas

christmas area rugs and runner

Here’s a great forest green area rug with ornaments. It’s so colorful and festive. There is also a round version of this holiday area rug.

christmas rug with green background and colorful ornament

christmas area rugs and runner

These area rugs can be used as a regular area rug or a runner in a hallway.  You can get a cream version or black one. It’s also available as a round area rug too.

  christmas rug runner black background


christmas area rugs and runner

If you’d prefer a green Christmas carpet, check out this rug.

christmas rug in green

christmas area rugs and runner

And, here is another great red snowflake one.

red christmas rug with snowflakes

christmas area rugs and runner

Here’s a colorful snowflake rug with red, green, ligh blue, and cream.  I love this as it reminds me of some of Andy Warhol’s paintings.

snowflake area rug for the holidays

christmas area rugs and runner

I love this Red Merry Christmas Area Rug because it’s square.  So, it’s perfect if you have a large sectional couch.  It’s a wonderful centerpiece for you living room floor during the holidays.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats


round christmas rug

Round Christmas Rugs


Red, Green, white and gold roud traditional area rug for Christmas.  While this rug is great for the Christmas holidays, it also works year round.  It comes in 3 ft, 4ft and 5 ft sizes. Check it out here.

round christmas rug for living room - red, green, cream, gold traditional floral design

round christmas rug

Here’s the round version of the rectangular rug shown above. It’s available in cream and black.

round christmas rug

christmas area rugs and runner

If you’re looking for a Christmas Wreath area rug, this is a great choice.

round christmas rug - christmas wreath on cream background christmas wreath rug round


christmas area rugs and runner

Christmas welcome mats and rugs

I love the script font and simplicity on this welcome mat. You’ll be happy to know that it also comes in green as well as many other colors.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats

welcome mat for christmas

Here’s a colorful and practical Christmas welcome mat.  It’s an indoor/outdoor non-slip carpet that’s also washable.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats

christmas welcom mat

Here’s a great snowman welcome mat for your front door.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats

christmas welcom mat

And, here’s a great round welcome mat with Christmas Trees.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats

christmas welcom mat

Christmas runners

This is a great carpet runner for the holidays…and can work for you year round. It’s the type of runner that’s super soft on your feet and can go almost anywhere – in a hallway or kitchen or anywhere it fits.
red christmas rug runners

christmas rug runners

Christmas runners and rugs for kitchens

Here’s a cute and super comfortable holiday standing mat.  It’s cushioned and non-slip and meant for kitchens and baths.  If you cook a lot during the holidays, this will make you life a lot easier as your feet (and back) will be a lot less tired.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats


christmas rug runners

Christmas runners and rugs for bathrooms

Here’s a cute Merry Christmas runner and area rug that comes in a variety of small sizes. You can use it as an area rug, or buy the runner shape or get both so they match.

Merry Christmas area rug and runner

bathroom runner for christmas

And here’s another.  It comes in multiple sizes so you can use them in different areas.

Marry christmas area rug


christmas area rugs and runner for bathrooms

Now this on isn’t an area rug.  It’s a foam comfort mat. It can be used in a bathroom or kitchen (or anywhere you want,but those are the most common uses.  It’s bright and cheerful and perfect if you stand on your feet for a while (especially if you’re cooking in the kitchen.
Best Christmas rugs runners and welcome mats
round christmas rug

Oh, and I found this cool 4 piece bathroom set – shower curtain, rug, toilet cover and bath set.
christmas bathroom and shower set


round christmas rug

Best places to buy Christmas rugs and runners

Area Rug Padding and Cushion

Don’t forget that you want to protect your floors (especially your hardwood flooring) by using an area rug pad.  Not only will this help preserve and protect your hardwood floors from scratches (and color run), but it will also make your rugs last longer and feel softer. Here’s the area rug pad I recommend if you have hardwood floors.  You can also read more  about that in this article.


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