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23 Creative Mason Jar Gifts

Mother’s Day gift ideas you can give or make with mason jars

If you want a unique present to give to a friend or loved one, you should consider purchasing or DIY’ing something in a mason jar.

Creative Mason Jar gifts for Christmas

A mason jar is just the shell that holds what is inside, and the possibilities are endless.


Mason jar gift ideas for Mother's DayNot only can the recipient use the jar for miscellaneous things for years to come, but it’s also unlikely to go out of style.


There are certainly a lot of DIY options out there.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making a mason jar gift, but I think a lot of us lack the time to put something together.


christmas gifts - mason jar cookie doughEven if we have the time, some of us lack the creative gene to make something unique.


We all have our strengths, and it’s totally okay if you can’t just whip out a handmade item.


If you find that is the case for you, it’s definitely worth considering purchasing it instead.


It’ll still have the homemade feel, but you will save yourself a lot of time.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Why are Mason Jars so popular?

message mason jar giftMason jars have risen in popularity not only because they are so versatile, but also because they have become a staple in farmhouse decor.  They are simple and practical and now they are repurposed and upcycled in so many ways from drink ware or home decor.


As a bit of trivia, according to Wikipedia, Mason jars are named after John Landis Mason He invented and patented the now famous jar in 1858.  The jars have historically been used to can and preserve food.  Mason jars are sometimes called Ball jars, in reference to the Ball Corporation, one of the earliest and most prolific manufacturers of these glass jars.


And, if you’d like to buy some of these mason jars for your own crafts, you can find them here on Amazon.


Brilliant holiday gift ideas using Mason jars

365 Message Filled Mason Jar

message mason jar giftThis 365 message jar is one of my favorite items on this list. It contains 365 personalized messages, and is a great gift for a loved one who is away from home or spends a lot of time at work.


This is also an idea you could DIY on your own. Personally, 365 is a lot of ideas to come up with, and this seller offers a standard message set that you can use if you can’t come up with that many messages.


The look of this jar may be difficult to replicate on your own. For me, the amount of time it would take to roll all of those papers almost makes the cost worth it.


Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

mason jar gift ideas drink dispenserIf you have a family member that loves mason jars, this drink dispenser is a great option for them.


It’s definitely one of the classiest looking drink dispensers I have seen.


Although something made of glass is more fragile, it will hold up better than plastic as long as it’s taken care of.


This product would be great for smaller family events, or for something like a farmhouse wedding celebration.


Mason Jar Bathroom Kit

bathroom mason jar giftThis mason jar bathroom kit is simply gorgeous and would make a great shabby chic addition to a bathroom.


Each mason jar is painted, distressed, and sealed.


The soap dispenser is high-quality stainless steel, so you know it’s going to last a long time.


If you check out this set, you can see the other options this seller offers.


Although there is a lot of customization available, personally I love this set the way it is.



Leafy Greens Garden Jar

plant mason jar giftDo you know someone that aspires to grow their own food?


This lovely garden greens mason jar gift gives them that opportunity.


The nice thing about this plant kit is that it doesn’t require a lot of work.


The hydroponic system retains moisture and passes nutrients to the plants from the soil.


Iron Leaves Jar Hurricane Candle Holders

candle holder mason jar giftHaving a lit candle (or the appearance of one) is always so comforting.


There’s something about it that makes a home feel warmer and more welcoming.


I love how they designed this mason jar candle holder, as it’s just as practical as it is pretty.


No one wants to reach inside a skinny jar to extinguish a candle flame, so they made the metal candle holder very easy to pull out.


DIY Gnome Terrarium Kit

gnome mason jar giftYour loved one can build a mossy and magical world with this gnome terrarium kit.


If the gift recipient works in an office, this would be a great desk addition they are sure to appreciate.


The assembly and care of this item are both easy, so you don’t have to worry about anything high maintenance.


This mason jar gift only requires gentle sprays of water and indirect light to thrive.


Hunter or Survival Gift in a Jar

hunter mason jar giftDo you have someone that hunts in your life? This hunter gift in a jar could be a cute and thoughtful gift idea for them.


The kit includes a multi-tool, mini compass, snacks, matches, pocket knife, coffee, sanitizer, band-aids, hand warmers, and more.


This jar doesn’t need to be limited to hunters.


You could label this as a camping gift in a jar and it would be a neat gift for those in your life who are outdoorsy without hunting.


Reindeer Mason Jar Caddy

reindeer mason jar giftThis reindeer caddy would be perfect for keeping your silverware during a lovely Christmas dinner or holiday event.


I think it’s also a great place to keep candy canes or cinnamon sticks (and the kids in the house will probably agree).


This cute reindeer is made out of iron and is pretty sturdy, so you can expect it to hold up for years to come.


Also, did you notice how cute his holly berry antlers were?


Hot Chocolate Favors

hot chocolate mason jar giftA steaming cup of hot chocolate is one of the first things I think about when it snows.


You can personalize these hot chocolate favor jars to say whatever you want, which makes them great as gifts or party favors.


They include hot chocolate, chocolate chips, dry milk, and mini marshmallows. Everything you need for the perfect cup of chocolate.


They can make at least four cups of hot cocoa, so you may be able to give these out as Christmas gifts for neighbors or friends.


Mason Jar Lamp

lamp mason jar giftThis mason jar lamp is a half-gallon, hand-painted and distressed mason jar base that comes with a gray and silver lampshade.


If a white base isn’t your thing, that’s okay. There are seven other colors you can choose for the base.


This gift is definitely something a loved one with a country chic theme would appreciate.


Cold Coffee Brew Set

coffee mason jar giftIs the person you are shopping for eco-friendly?


This cold coffee brew set may be the perfect gift! This coffee maker percolates cold coffee in the most eco-friendly way possible!


It also includes a hand sewn cloth filter so your coffee can be perfectly blended.


Keep in mind, the coffee needs to steep overnight, so it may not be the right gift for everyone.


12-Piece Mini Glass Jar Set with Lids

mini jar mason jar giftsOkay, so I know these aren’t exactly mason jars, but these mini glass jar sets look pretty similar to a mason jar.


If you know someone who needs a little more uniformity to their spice cabinet, this could be the perfect gift for them.


Not only that, but they would look really nice in a fancy dinner spread.


Public Radio Mason Jar

radio mason jar giftThis public radio mason jar was definitely one of my most interesting finds when I started looking for gifts in a jar.


This minimal radio is pre-tuned to your favorite FM station, so there is not a mess of dials and knobs to deal with.


A couple of double A batteries will give you around thirty hours of listening time.


Coffee Scrub

coffee scrub mason jar giftThis coffee scrub in a jar is perfect for those coffee lovers in your life. If coffee isn’t your thing, this seller has plenty of other kinds of scrub.


There are plenty of benefits of using a facial scrub, but coffee grounds do some very specific things.


According to the seller, coffee grounds are good for exfoliation, skin softening, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and correcting blemishes.


This scrub also contains coconut oil, castor oil, and extra coarse sea salt.


Cookie Mix in a Jar

cookie mix mason jar giftIf hot chocolate isn’t your thing but you want to do something similar, this cookie mix in a jar is a good option for you.


christmas gifts - mason jar cookie doughWith this mix, you can customize the ribbon, label, and jar topper.


They have tons of flavors to choose from, including; chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar, white chocolate, oatmeal, M&M, and more!


Every cookie mix includes a recipe and all dry ingredients needed.


Drinking Jar Glass Pitcher

drinking mason jar giftAlthough this drinking glass pitcher isn’t exactly a mason jar, it is definitely designed to look like one.


This glass pitcher is great for your family or friends that love mason jars, or just want to serve their cold drinks in style.


In my opinion, this pitcher was made for people that like vintage or rustic themes, don’t you think?


Personalized Spa Gift Set

spa mason jar giftThis spa gift set would be perfect for someone who loves to pamper themselves. You have a choice between a spa set or a candle set.


The spa set comes with a soy candle, bath salt, and a sugar scrub. The candle set comes with a small, medium, and large soy candle.


All of these items are handmade with love and use natural ingredients.


Wooden Mounted Wall Caddy

wall caddy mason jar giftThis mounted wall caddy is a practical gift, but certainly something the mason jar lover will appreciate.


It’s a very unique idea, and purchasing from this seller means you are receiving an item that is not factory-made with dozens more being sold. It’s made from reclaimed wood, and is hand cut and varnished by expert artists.


I love the idea of using this in the bathroom, but it could be used in any room that could use an extra shelf.


Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Mason Jar Glasses

personalized mason jar giftIf you are hoping to combine separate gifts into one for your favorite couple, personalized mason jar glasses may be the right way to go.


With this item, you have six different designs you can choose from and personalize. They turn out so pretty, and people love them!


If mason jars aren’t your thing, this seller also offers personalized champagne flukes and stem or stemless wine glasses.


Cupcake in a Jar

cupcake mason jar giftThese cupcakes in a jar are a ready-made treat that your loved one would enjoy.


They come packaged with buttercream frosting and a surprising amount of protein.


These cupcakes include most of your favorite cupcake flavors, such as coconut, chocolate peanut butter, funfetti, carrot, mint chocolate, and more.


Cupcakes need to be refrigerated upon arrival, and each jar contains approximately two cupcakes.


Wall Decor Mason Jar

wall decor mason jar giftThese wall decor mason jars will bring warmth and beauty to whatever room they are put in.


Decorating with mason jars is definitely still a popular choice for many people.


I love that these are sold as a pair and that there are tons of different options for the jar and sconce color.


Personalized Soy Candle

candle mason jar giftThese soy candles are handmade, hand poured, and hand labeled. These candles burn on average 40+ hours.


You can choose from a variety of different scents, including vanilla, cucumber melon, cinnamon, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and more.


These are reasonably priced and an excellent gift for your loved one.


The cost is the same (maybe even less) than a similarly sized candle you could buy at the store.


Mason Jar Kleenex Box

tissue mason jar giftI thought this mason jar kleenex box was clever and a little funny.


This would probably be fitting to give a friend or to pass around as a secret Santa gift in the office.


This seller has a large number of colors to choose from for your jar and lettering.


The tissues and tissue cylinder are not included, but the seller noted that both of these items can be picked up from your local grocery store.


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