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Clever home office organization and decorating ideas

How to organize and decorate your home office for maximum efficiency

Keeping an office organized is hard in the best of times, so we wanted to give you some home office organization ideas to help you deal with the clutter that is sometimes seems inevitable if you don’t have a good system.

home office organization and decorating ideas

An office space in your home is useful for many things. Even if you don’t work from home, it’s good to have a room in your home where you can keep all of your important paperwork.  It certainly help you avoid a weekend trip to the office and allow you work at home on snow days or work at home while keeping an eye on your kids.


Not only will a stylish organized office space keep you from losing those important documents, reducing clutter is good for your mental health.


With clutter, a home environment ends up becoming your enemy, and you become dysfunctional and nonproductive.


home office organization and decorating ideas for productivityThink about it. When you have a large stack of messy papers to go through, doesn’t it overwhelm you? We can feel better about ourselves and be more productive with a clean and peaceful space. Comfort should also be a factor in how you organize your home office.


A comfortable chair or a nice plant can really make the experience of completing tasks much more enjoyable.


That’s why our list not only includes style, but also organization ideas that will complement your home office organization.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Home office decor and organization ideas

In this article we will cover best practices for home office furniture, paint colors, decor and accents as well as organizing tools to improve your productivity and your mood


Herman Miller office chair

ergonomic chair for home office decor and organizationA good office chair will pay for itself over and over again. This Herman Miller office chair is considered one of the best brands for an ergonomic office chair, and with good reason.


This specific model improves six cardiopulmonary functions, such as resting heart rate. Your typical office chair will not do that.


There is no pressure on the backrest, which helps combat fatigue, in turn, improving your focus.


The backrest can adjust, thus aligning to your spine’s natural curve. This chair has everything you could want, with a reclining back, adjustable seat depth, adjustable arms, and comfortable arm pads.


Although it’s a chunk of change to put out, you have to decide how much your comfort and increased productivity is worth.  Don’t underestimate how much your back can have on your healthy and energy level.

home office decorating ideas - comfortable and ergonomic chair


AmazonBasics office chair

home office organization and decorating ideasMost Amazon-branded products are well made, and this AmazonBasics executive chair is no different.


Amazon’s leather swivel chair is a budget-friendly and comfortable option.


It is fully adjustable, and also features a butterfly seat plate and curved contours to help keep your back supported and body aligned.


This chair will keep you comfortable for long work from home hours, which is important if you are sitting for long periods of time.

office decorating ideas

plastic mat for sliding office chairsNow if you have hardwood floors (or even laminate or vinyl), you’ll want to get plastic mat to go under your rolling office chair. Yes, while I absolutely love rolling chairs, they can really do a number on your hardwood floors.  Here’s the one I recommend to all my customers.


It’s specifically made for hard surface flooring. And, it makes it easy for the chairs to roll faster.

office decorating ideas


Bush computer desk for home offices

home office desks for comuters - blackA good computer desk is a staple in any home office. We love corner desks, and this Bush computer desk is pretty close to perfect.


You will have ample space to spread out your work comfortably with this desk.


It also comes with a 4-port USP hub so you can keep all of your devices connected.


This desk is elegant, affordable, and functional. It also comes in multiple finishes, so it’s likely you can get one that matches your current room decor.

home office organizing solutions - office desk


SHW computer desk

home office desk on a budgetIf you are in the market for a new computer desk but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, you should take a look at this simple computer desk.


It’s very sturdy and compact in design, making it perfect for your small spaces.


If you want something that looks nice, is sturdy, and includes a clever footrest bar, this affordable desk is right for your home office space.

home office furniture

Dry erase whiteboard

white board - home office organization ideasHaving a magnetic whiteboard in your home office space can help boost your creativity and productivity, and is something I recommend to everyone.


This 17×23″ whiteboard is magnetic, includes a dry-erase marker with eraser, and a couple of magnets.


You can get this whiteboard with either a black or wood frame, so it’ll match most interiors.


Use this whiteboard to write out your daily schedule, or to write out ideas to help you towards accomplishing your next big goal.

white board for home offices


Desktop organizer storage rack

desk top organizer for your home officeThis gorgeous lightweight desktop organizer storage rack is made of natural wood and is green-living friendly.


This would be a great storage place for your books and documents, and it’s much nicer looking than other similar storage options.


It is flexible, and the different shelves can be adjusted and rotated to fit the look and space you need. It’s very easy to install and allows for more workspace.

organizing solutions for home offices


Document tray organizer

how to organize your papersI think every home (even if you don’t have a dedicated home office space) needs one of these document tray organizers.


This office organization product includes five tilted trays for your documents, with the bottom tray being flat where you can keep a stapler or a packet of post-it notes.


It can be mounted on a wall or set on a desk, which gives you a lot of flexibility regarding where you keep it. It’s well made, stable, and does well in small spaces.

home office organization tools


LED lamp with charging port

desk lamp for your home officeWe love how stylish and practical this TaoTronics LED lamp is. It includes a ton of really neat features that you won’t find in most lamps.


It’s completely foldable, which makes it easy to store and move around. It also comes with a timer, so you can set it to auto shut off after an hour.


This specific model also has five different brightness levels, four lighting modes, and a USB charging port.


It’s also environmentally-friendly and uses 75% less energy (with the same brightness) as incandescent lamps.

desk light



home office decorating ideasSucculents are the perfect plant for any space (especially an office), and we especially liked this pack of indoor plant pots with bamboo trays.


You will need to purchase the actual plants separately, but the design of these pots is very modern and minimalistic. They would look great in any room.


They do feature a proper draining hole in the bottom and really would look good in almost any space.

home office decorating


Alera file cabinet

how to organize files for your home officeEveryone needs a filing cabinet for their office, and this lateral file cabinet is one of our favorite options.


This cabinet has deep drawers and side to side hang rails to help accommodate legal and letter size hanging files.


It also has a single lock system that secures all drawers, and it’s definitely a lot nicer looking than the majority of filing cabinets.


You can get it in multiple colors and sizes, so definitely don’t feel limited by the version we are showing here.

home office organization solutions


Lorell SOHO drawer filing cabinet

filing cabinets - 3 drawerThis space-saving filing cabinet is practical and budget-friendly.


Again, it’s a good idea to have a filing cabinet in your home, even if you don’t have a lot of paperwork.


This particular model comes with either two or three drawers.


There is a lock that secures the top two drawers in the three drawer model, whereas the two drawer model can be completely locked down.

Clever home office organization and decorating ideas


Wooden block calendar accessory

home office calendarIf you don’t already have a calendar hanging up in your office, a wooden block calendar may be the perfect accessory for you.


This is stylish and practical, and since there are no years printed you can use it year after year.


It’s great quality and the perfect size for a desk, and the colors make it look very elegant.


The only catch is that you need to remember to change the date every day, which would be a struggle for some!


monthly calendar for home officesOr, if you prefer to have a monthly calendar for the wall, this one is perfect (and very reasonably priced.


It allows to you schedule appointments throughout the month and block out days as you need. You can even color code it if you like.


You can hang it on the wall, or at the bottom of a cork board.

home office calendars


File folders

file folders for organizingI liked these colored file folders because they can really up your game in your office organization, as they can help you keep track of your important documents.


Keep your medical in the blue folders, housing info in the purple, and tax information in the grey.


These come in a set of 100, so you won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.


hanging folders for home organizationAlso, if you need some hanging folders, you can find a really good deal here.  I love the bright colorful shades.  They make it fun to color code and organize all of your information.

home office organizing with hanging folders

Desk grommet for home offices

hide computer wires with a grommetIf you hate how messy a desk looks with cords going in every direction, pick up one of these desk grommets so you can store your cords neatly.


This kit includes five units, and it’s an excellent way to organize your wires, cables, and cords. It’s easy to use and install.


It also contains a removable lid so you can adjust it to the right position.

home office organizing with hanging folders


Rustic pipe shelving

shelving for your home officeIt’s important to remember that you should be using both your vertical and horizontal space.


Wall shelves are often decorative, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a more practical use.


We loved this rustic pipe shelving unit, as it could easily be used for storage or something more personal like picture frames.


The shelves are durable and have high-quality metal fittings. It is a pretty heavy set of shelves, but it’s also going to last a long time.

home office organizing with hanging folders



peg board for home officesIf you do a quick search on Pinterest, you will find a lot of inspiration regarding how to use your office pegboard.


Put the pegboard above your desk and hang things from it. You can attach small shelves to the pegboard and keep your miscellaneous pens, pencils, and markers in them.


A pegboard can also add a nice touch to the overall room decor. They are definitely very versatile, and it would be easy to find a good use for one.

home office organizing with hanging folders


Ocean wall decor

wall decor for your home officePick up this vibrant ocean wall canvas decor as a finishing touch to your office space.


Studies have shown that viewing beautiful artwork triggers an immediate release of dopamine in the brain.


Ocean scenes tend to be calming for people, so it’s a great touch to make a room feel more tranquil. This set of three pictures is gallery wrapped and stretched with a wooden frame on the back.

home office organizing with hanging folders


Best paint colors for home offices


When it comes to picking the best shades of paint for your home office, it’s really ideal to pick a paint color that relaxes you so you are at peak performance.  But, you also want one that is light and airy (if it’s too dark, it can make you sleepy).


It is amazing what a difference the color can make on your emotional state and your productivity.  My first choice recommendation would be blue as most people find this color relaxing (and it tends to work well with both light and dark hardwood floors.


Softer and lighter blues tend to work best.


Here are my specific blue shade recommendations for offices:

  • Best home office paint colors for maximum productivity1. SW Mild Blue
  • 2. SW Hinting Blue
  • 3. SW Wondrous Blue
  • 4. SW Cosmos


  • 5. BM Misty Blue
  • 6. Celestial
  • 7. Riviera Azure
  • 8. Oriental Iris


Note: if you love a darker blue, or navy, my absolute favorite shade of navy is Sherwin Williams Commodore. Generally, it’s too dark to put on all 4 walls of an office.  But, it’s awesome as an accent wall.  I would then pair it up with SW Gray Screen. This is a cool gray so it complements the cool rich blue of Commodore.

Paint Samples

Before I go over the other 2 paint colors that work well, let’s talk paint sampes…

It’s always best to test the paint colors in you own home and own lighting.  The colors do look different pending your lighting and can even look different room to room.


You can definitely go to your local painting store to buy some samples (and a brush…be sure to paint with 2 coats), but I have a MUCH EASIER way for you.  Check out SAMPLIZE.


paint sample from samplize

Samplize offers 12” x 12” peel and stick paint samples that are EASIER, AFFORDABLE and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.


Here are a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients:

  • Samples come right to YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, pending on location
  • At $5.95, they’re more affordable than the samples/brushes/foam boards than traditional samples…and of course easier and way less messy
  • If you keep the samples on the white paper, you can move them from wall to wall and room to room


They are amazingly accurate as they are made with 2 coats of real paint, so they are color correct.


Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE.



Best paint shades for home officesMy 2nd choice color for offices would be gray.  Gray is currently the most popular paint color, and it also pairs well with both dark and light floors.  But, importantly, I would go with a warm gray rather than a cool gray.


As the name implies, warm grays are warmer.  Cool grays tend to make the room feel cooler and can depress your mood, and that’s the last thing you need when trying to make your home office feel warm and inviting.


Here are my recommendations on gray shades for offices:


Final thoughts on home office decor and organizing

Your office space is one of the most important areas to keep looking nice and organized, especially if you work from home.


We hope you enjoyed this list of home office organization and decor ideas. What was your favorite idea? Do you have any other ideas that we may have missed?


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If you are looking for some budget-friendly frugal home office ideas related to organization or decor, we have some great options for you. Decorating your office space doesn't need to be stressful or expensive.


Home office decor and organization ideas

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  1. Cool very nice ideas. I really need that Herman Miller office chair for back support and to stop me declining into slobbiness. Some awesome ideas about office organization and comfort in this article.

    1. Russell – Thx so much. It’s amazing what a comfortable chair can do for your productivity and mood. I have several other home office organization ideas to add soon…including these blue light filter glasses I just bought yesterday. The help you stay more alert. Happy with them. I’m on day 2 now.

  2. Debbie, it is true that having a home office is extremely useful even for people who do not work from home. You have shared some amazing pictures here of office chairs and desks. Always look for ergonomic stuff when you seek home office décor. Keep sharing such informative posts.

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