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The Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

Yes, it’s Black Friday week and you can find some of the best deals on the internet this week. It used to be more of a long weekend thing from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, but now it’s become an 8 day phenomenon.  Many sales are starting today on Monday and go through Monday 11/30.


But, the sales vary on start and end date, and I can’t announce all of them here.  There are a couple of private sales that I can’t share in a public blog post, but if you have an interest, you can sign up for my free email list here.


I’m going to start with Blogger courses and ebooks.  I will be adding more here as the day unfolds.

Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  That means that if you buy something on here, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.  I recommend products that I think are great and good value.


Great Courses and ebooks for Bloggers

But, please only buy things that you really need, not just because they are priced low.  Bad products are never worth it, even if they’re free.


I will do my best to share products that I think are helpful and reasonably priced.  Some are available now, some soon and some I can’t announce yet.


SEO ebooks and course

First, let’s start with my SEO ebooks. They are on sale between now and Monday (11/30).

SEO ebooks on sale for Black Friday

The discounts increase as they buy more.  Be sure to use the coupon codes



Note: the normal price if bought separately $114, but as a bundle, just $74 for this week only.


Easy SEO Revamp (for intermediate/advanced $30 off (BLACKFRIDAY30)…so it’s just $97 (rather than $127).


Please note that Easy SEO Revamp is more advanced SEO. It assumes you already have (or know) the 1st 2 SEO books.  If you don’t have those yet and want to take advantage of my Ultimate SEO Bundle (which has all 3 resources), you can snag that here.  Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY30 for $30 off.



Alex & Lauren – Create & Go

My absolute favorite course is on sale – 6 Figure Blogger. 

Create and Go Black Friday sale

It’s 25% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020


In fact, all of their courses are 25% off with that coupon.  But, 6 Figure Blogger is the truly special one that I absolutely love love love.


This course can really help you if you’re looking make products – ebooks, courses, etc.  I love their teaching method and their evergreen funnels.


This really helped me improve the sales on my existing ebooks (prob has resulted in an extra $2,000/month for me), my new courses (hard to quantify) and helped with my affiliate marketing (hard to quantify).


This is my #1 recommendation for this week. 


Jennifer Maker Marx – Jennifer Maker Academy

Jennifer Maker is putting ALL of her courses on sale for 35% off!  Use BLACKFRIDAY35.


Here are my faves:

  • List Love (for email marketing.  Jennifer just reached 1,000,000 subscribers in just 4 years. Incredible).
  • Pinterest Launch Plan – probably the best value and easiest to follow plan out there.


Lena Gott – Adventures in SEO

Lena Gott is one of my favorite authors.  I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers. And, I’m now honored to have her in one of my mastermind groups.  Once you know you have a good author that provides value, stick with them.

Black Friday sales - Lena Gott

You can get 30% off most of Lena’s courses with coupon code 30DEAL. Here are my faves:

  • I originally read Lena Gott’s famous Traffic Transformation in 2017 and thought it was absolutely awesome (even though I already knew a LOT about traffic).  Since then, there have been 2 more editions. so it’s all up to date. I highly recommend.  This is really great for beginners.
  • Income Generation Action Task Guide – You’ll find Lena’s secret sauce to building a profitable online business with less work. She’s reapplied here knowledge from the accounting world!
  • Money Making Blog Posts Masterclass – This course goes beyond standard affiliate marketing and sales advice to the root cause of WHY people would ever BUY THINGS on your site.

Lena also has some other items on sale and they range in price from $20-$500.  You can read all about these and her summaries here.  When you use this link and then click onto the products, the discount will be AUTOMATICALLY applied.


FREE business summit – Brave at Business

Now, how’s this for a great deal.  Starting on Monday, 11/30, there will be a free 5 day Business summit with all sorts of amazing speakers including Carly Campbell, Tracie Fobes, Chelsea Clarke and many others.

Brave at Business

You will learn about Pinterest, Podcasts, Videos, Instagram and tons of other things.


Get your FREE ticket here.


 Tracie Fobes’ Learn, Earn, Grow courses

All of Tracie Fobe’s courses are 25% off (use coupon code BF25).  These are good through next Monday.  Tracie always over delivers, too.  Here are my faves:

Sponsored Success Course

Blog Accelerator course

Ana Skyes – The She Approach

Ana Savuica has been helping bloggers break through on traffic and monetization. All of her books and courses are 35% off.  Use coupon code SAVE35.

Affiliate Marketing from Zero to Superhero

Here are my favorites:

Ebook best seller course


Carly Campbell’s Pinterest Pin templates and ebooks

Carly Campbell actually has her amazing Pinterest template archives for sale for the first time.  I love how she designs pins. Not only will this take your pin design to a new level, but it will also save you a ton of time.

canva pin templates for Black Friday

You can find them all in her new Print Shop and get them for 35% off (with coupon SAVE35).


If you scroll down, you’ll also see that she has some fast action and low priced Pinterest pin ebooks.  If you haven’t seen these yet, grab them. Totally worth it.

Black Friday sale for pinterest ebooksJon Dystra – Fat Stacks

I’ve mentioned Jon several times before. I’m in awe of his ability to create and grow niche sites.  He usually earns $70,000-$80,000 a month revenue on his niche sites.  Yes, he has some expenses, too so the net profit is a bit lower, but Wow.

fat stacks ad revenue


He does most of this via SEO traffic (I absolutely love his course called Long Tail Deep Dive and highly, highly recommend). This is especially helpful for new bloggers, bloggers in competitive niches and those looking for low hanging fruit keywords.


He is also offering his bundle of all of his courses with a $100 discount this week. Check it out and use BLACKFRIDAY2020 to get that $100 discount.


Kara Fidd – Simplifying DIY Design Templates

As you know, I love Kara’s Templates. I use them myself as they make my designs, printables and pins look much better and they save me a ton of time. That’s why I promote them. They are great.

Flash sale on blogger templates

My faves are:


And, she is having a Black Friday Sale – 20% off.  But, you have to wait until Friday.  And, the discount will be applied…if you use below page.


You can find all the details on her sales page.  Note, this link will automatically update on Friday.


Monica Froese – Pinterest Ads

This is actually your last chance to get Monica’s amazing training on Promoted Pins.  She is truly the expert here. She is about to retire these courses. And, you’re in luck as she is offering 40% off. A huge bargain.

Black Friday Pin Practical Promotions

After this week, the course will disappear.  So get it while you can.

And, yes, this course is lower priced than it was when I bought it!


Trinity Owen – The Pay at Home Parent

Ebook on finding keywords

If you’re looking for a great and totally affordable Keyword resource, Trinity just announced that her book, Get Your Keywords together is 50% offUse BF50OFF.


Crystal Paine – Make Over Your Mornings

This one can be a double win for you.  If you are a bit overwhelmed (e.g. a busy mom), this will help simplify things for you so you can accomplish more during the day (and in less time).  Check out Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings.

Make over your mornings

It’s really inexpensive…normally, just $17.


And, now, it’s 50% off!  Just $8.50.


Ready for the double win?  In case you haven’t heard of Crystal Paine, she’s a HUGE blogger. And, I mean huge.  She’s known as “Money Saving Mom.”


So, of course she has an affiliate program!  And, of course she has a course that fills a specific need for moms. And, of course she has a well converting course.  It’s inexpensive and her landing page is awesome.


How did I learn about this?  I read about it in other people’s blog income reports. Seems to work well for mom/parenting/baby blogs as well as frugal living and organizing blogs.


So, you can buy it now for just $8.50, become an affiliate and sell to your audience!


Snag it by Monday for the discount.


Next, in case you haven’t seen it yet, AppSumo has their semi annual deal on DepositPhotos.

Black Friday sale on stock photos

Normally, the photos are around a dollar, and twice a year, they run a deal where you can get 100 photos for $49. But, this time it’s even lower…only $39.


Yes, that’s only 39 cents a photo.  Good photos are critical for your blog, Pinterest and SEO, so I often buy 2 packs.



Oh, and AppSumo is running another deal on a program called Frase.  I hadn’t heard of this before, but it can help you with SEO and I’m planning on getting it as it looks helpful and I’ve been hearing good things about it from my friend, including another SEO buddy.

Black Friday special on Frase AI

I want to be clear here.  It is not the ‘answer” to SEO.  Nothing is.  But, if you’re doing pretty decent on SEO already, this is going to make things easier and faster as it will really save you time for the later sections of your posts (i.e. the Q&A section).


To be honest, this is work you can (and should be) doing on your own.  So, you don’t need to buy this. BUT, this consolidates things for you and makes it much easier. I can use that saved time as time has become the limiting factor in everything I do.


I’m definitely buying Frase and think it’s totally worth it.



Assets for your website and speed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that site speed it critical – for user experience and SEO.  If you want to earn more money, work on your site speed.


Site speed course from iMarkInteractive

First, if you are a DIY person, I highly recommend Grayson’s new Site speed course.  And, starting on Wednesday, you can get it for 20% off.

DIY site speed course by Grayson Bell

This deal will be available from Weds to Monday.  No coupon code will be needed.


Oh, and Grayson is also having a Black Friday discount on his Plugin Audit.  You can get a $20 discount.


WP Rocket – For caching

Caching helps speed up your site by saving your images and text to that users can access you page faster.  When I switched to WP Rocket, it really improved my site speed.  It’s one of the only plugins I pay for. Worth it.  I got it last Black Friday. Starting on Tuesday, they’ll have a 30% discount (no coupon coded needed).  It will be available next Weds.

Black Friday WP Rocket sale


ShortPixel – Image Compression

One of the biggest reasons sites are slow is due to large images. You need to compress your images, and ShortPixel is the best one out there.  (It compressed 5-10x more than Smush).  I couldn’t believe how much faster my site was after ShortPixel.

Image compression with shortpixel - black friday sale

You can do a bulk compression too. Best of all, this is super inexpensive. I recommend using the one-time plan (not monthly) as you get so much more.  I bought the $19.99 plan a few years ago. It looks like it will last me at least another 10 years.


During their Black Friday Special (Friday to Monday), you can get a bonus of 300% more credits so it will last you even longer.


Best hosting for newer bloggers – NameHero

As many of you know, good hosting plays a key role with your speed (and uptime), so don’t skimp here. Hosting is not that expensive, but is critical for running a business.

Black Friday sale - NameHero hosting

My favorite one for new bloggers/new blogs is NameHero. Among the entrypoint hosts, they are the fastest and have great support. They are a bit better and faster than SiteGround and a bit less expensive.


And, best of all, they’ll be running a Black Friday special, so you don’t want to miss out.

I recommend NameHero for new blogs and all the way up to 100,000 pv/month.  (Once you get to that level, you’ll either want to upgrade to NameHero’s managed hosting or Big Scoots (the host I use as they specialize in WordPress sites that are over 100,000 pageviews).


NameHero will have their best deal on Black Friday itself (from 9am-midnight CST), as well as great sales on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.


Big Scoots hosting discount code

Oh, and if you’re a bigger blogger with over 100,000 pageviews, I highly recommend Big Scoots Managed Hosting. This is what I use, and I love it.  They optimize your site for speed and their customer service is top notch.


While they never run Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, they will give you 90% off your first month with coupon code BIGSCOOTSWHT90.


Best theme deal

Having a great (and more importantly lean) theme can really help you site speed.  My previous 2 themes were slow. And, when I switched to Astra, my site sped up. They are having a Black Friday sale.

Astra theme black friday sale

They will have their best sale price ever – 40% off.  It looks like the sale starts Thurs after (click this link to see the countdown).


Best Black Friday deals on Legal Pages

If you read one of more recent emails, you know about how important legal docs can be.  (See The biggest blogging mistake I made).

Please make sure you have the legal aspects of your blog done.  Here are 2 great deals from my favorite lawyers that help bloggers.

MariamTsatsuryan – Entrepreneur Legal Corner

Amira Law – A Self Guru

  • Get 30% off all legal templates and the legal bundle
  • Get 35% off of the full VIP bundle
  • Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020 for the discount


Tailwind Sale

I love Tailwind as it saves me a lot of time on Pinterest.  Also, the analytics are helpful so I can improve my Pinterest game.

You can get a Free Trial here (as always).  And, if you sign up using this link by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, and decide to upgrade between the 27th and 30th, you’ll save 50%!


Email Service Providers


This is my Email Service Provider, and I think they are absolutely awesome – one of the very best out there.  Their ability to segment and create funnels and tags is unparalleled. While I don’t actively promote email platforms, I will say that you can ultimately do a lot more customization with ActiveCampaign vs. ConvertKit.

ActiveCampaign logo

They are offering 50% off for your first 2 months (basically the equivalent of 1 month free). I use the Lite Plan.



ConvertKit is a very popular platform, and is great too. They are offering a special, but only to existing customers or those on the free plan.  They are offering a deal that is just $199 for the whole year.

convertkit logo

I believe it’s only for those on the free or lowest paying plan.  But, you can check it out here.


Landing Pages


I’m about to buy this on Sunday.  So many larger bloggers have told me that LeadPages convert better (and that’s the name of the game) and they load faster.


They are running a sale for 30% off!  You can check it out and get a free trial here.


Or, you can get the Black Friday special deal here.  I’m so excited about this because more conversions means more sales of my books and courses which will more than offset the cost.  A smart investment.


Expired deals

Start a Mom Blog Courses

I love Suzi Whitford and got to meet her and her husband in person last year.  Now, they are truly a powerhouse couple (not that they weren’t before). But, now you can learn from both of them, and I love their teaching style.


All of the Start a Mom Blog courses are on sale this week for 30% off (use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020).

Blog by Number course

Here are my favorites

  • Blog by Number – great for beginners and learning how to monetize
  • Printables by Number – Totally awesome and such an easy way to monetize, even for beginner bloggers.
  • Course by Number – For more advanced bloggers looking to create and earn money from a course. This just wowed me.
  • List by Number – For a starter email course.  A truly great value.

Each of these made a big difference on my own business.

This sale is only good until Black Friday (11/27).


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