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The Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

Yes, it’s Black Friday week and you can find some of the best deals on the internet this week. It used to be more of a long weekend thing from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, but now it’s become an 8 day phenomenon.  Many sales are starting today on Monday and go through Monday 11/28.


But, the sales vary on start and end date, and I can’t announce all of them here.  There are a couple of private sales that I can’t share in a public blog post, but if you have an interest, you can sign up for my free email list here.


I’m going to start with Blogger courses and ebooks.  I will be adding more here as the deals unfold.

Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  That means that if you buy something on here, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.  I recommend products that I think are great and good value.


Great Courses and ebooks for Bloggers

Please only buy things that you really need, not just because they are priced low.  Bad products are never worth it, even if they’re free.


I will do my best to share products that I think are helpful and reasonably priced.  Some are available now, some soon and some I can’t announce yet.


SEO ebooks and course

First, let’s start with my SEO ebooks. They are on sale between now and Monday (11/30).

SEO ebooks on sale for Black Friday

SEO Bundle of both $20 off the already discounted price (BF2022).  This is $40 off the price of buying them each separately.


Note: the normal price if bought separately $114, but as a bundle, just $74 for this week only.


Easy SEO Revamp (for intermediate/advanced $30 off (BFREVAMP)…so it’s just $97 (rather than $127).


Please note that Easy SEO Revamp is more advanced SEO. It assumes you already have (or know) the 1st 2 SEO books.  Use coupon code BFREVAMO for $30 off.


Next, we have Journey to the Center of Amazon – This course is especially good for newer bloggers and bloggers where physical products make sense (most B2C niches).  This course is getting an upgrade this week, so the normal price is $97.  But during Black Friday week, use BF2022 for $20 off bringing it down to just $77 where it normally sells like hotcakes.

Journey to the Center of Amazon course for Amazon Associates

I also have my Affiliate Marketing Compendium. This is for general affiliate marketing (not specific to Amazon).  It’s recently gotten an upgrade so there are now 93 clever affiliate marketing tips for intermediates and advanced bloggers. 

Affiliate Marketing Compendium

The normal price is $197, but use coupon BF100 for $100 off bringing it to just $97. (I believe the coupon is already embedded on the sales page to make your life easier.


And, there will be another upgrade around Jan/Feb and everyone who buys will get those upgrades for free). The price will increase to $297 then, but you can get in early now for a steal of a deal.


I made over $217,000  affiliate commissions last year.  This compendium shares my best affiliate marketing tips.


And, I have I put my signature Blog Yourself Out of Debt (or Replace Your Job) is on sale for $100 off from $197 down to only $97.

Blog Yourself Out of Debt

This shares tips on how I got out of a huge amount of debt ($238,000) so quickly (3.5 years) and my journey to earning over $20K/month in profit.  I share innovative tips on how I saved money, created money/abundance out of thin air, creatively funded my learning curve as well as a road map to earn money on your blog faster (and more passively).


I share my journey of combining active and passive income to morph into a mainly passive income driven business that is now well diversified. Check it out here.


Now, there are lots of other deals below.  I will start with courses/books which will teach you how to earn more, followed by software that enable you to implement the techniques and save time.


Mike – Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO Self-Study Version for 40% off. This is the only time of year it’s available.  If you want a top notch course on SEO that focuses on keyword research, this is it.


ThriveCart Sales/funnel templates

For nearly a year, I’ve had my eye on someone who has totally impressed me. Her progress is remarkable. Spectacular, in fact.  Do you know why? Because she has totally mastered funnels and ThriveCart Sales pages.


If you use (or plan to use) ThriveCart, you don’t want to miss these full funnel sale template system. They’re gorgeous and they convert. These are 4 page bundles, complete with training to make tech super simple


Who is this remarkable person?  Dama Jue.  I have admired her from afar and now I’m introducing her to you with her best deal of the year. Check them out here.


Suzi – Start a Mom Blog Courses

I love Suzi Whitford and got to meet her and her husband in person in 2019.  Now, they are truly a powerhouse couple (not that they weren’t before). But, now you can learn from both of them, and I love their teaching style.


All of the Start a Mom Blog courses are on sale this week for 30% off (use coupon code BFCM2022).

Blog by Number course

Here are my favorites

  • Printables by Number – Totally awesome and my new favorite course if you want to monetize quickly (I mean who doesn’t?).This now includes a section on Etsy (so it’s perfect even for beginner bloggers) and goes through the 4 phases of monetizng Printables so you can go beyond $10,000/month.  I real stellar course.
  • Blog by Number – great for beginners and learning how to monetize. This course recently got a makeover.  And, there’s a mini section in there on SEO which I hosted.t
  • Course by Number – For more advanced bloggers looking to create and earn money from a course. This just wowed me.
  • 100 Hero Images – These templates are awesome…and such a good value. They will help you with your sales pages, pins and other social media. Totally worth it.
  • Services by Number – How to launch your digital services business in 30 days.  And, then, how to scale it and make it more passive

Each of these made a big difference on my own business.



Jon Dykstra has opened up his SEO/niche site bundle…which I’ve taken and loved.  He also added in some bonuses (this week only) and to be honest, I haven’t had a chance to see what these ever are.  But, Jon is the real deal when it comes to SEO and has repeated this over and over on many sites.


As you guys know, I highly recommend Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership (and I’m a member myself.)  It’s just $9/month and well worth it with the templates and monthly Q&A sessions. 


But, for a few days only, you can jump into her annual membership deal…for just $108…the same $9/month AND it includes EVERY COURSE  she has made and will make over the next 12 months. 

Email marketing membership

Here’s a list of her current courses that comes along with the already insanely affordable annual membership:

  1. Open Sesame
  2. 20 minute newsletter
  3. Black Friday training
  4. List building
  5. Email staircase
  6. List Building

This is one of my top picks for this holiday season.


Alex & Lauren – Create & Go

My absolute favorite course is on sale – 6 Figure Blogger. 

It’s 25% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2022


In fact, all of their courses are 25% off with that coupon.  But, 6 Figure Blogger is the truly special one that I absolutely love love love.


This course can really help you if you’re looking make products – ebooks, courses, etc.  I love their teaching method and their evergreen funnels.


This really helped me improve the sales on my existing ebooks (prob has resulted in an extra $2,000/month for me), my new courses (hard to quantify) and helped with my affiliate marketing (hard to quantify).


Want to sell more products? Want to earn more affiliate commissions from your emails? Karon Thackston is having a 50% off sale on her flagship Storytelling That Sells.  Use my exclusive coupon DEBBIESTORY


Tracie Fobes’ Learn, Earn, Grow courses

All of Tracie Fobe’s courses are 30% off (use coupon code BF2022).  These are good through next Monday.  Tracie always over delivers, too.  Here are my faves:

Sponsored Success course and bundle


Want to sell more products? Want to earn more affiliate commissions from your emails? Karon Thackston is having a 50% off sale on her flagship Storytelling That Sells.  Use my exclusive coupon DEBBIESTORY


Mariam Tsatsuryan is running a couple of sales on her legal shop.  First, you can get her thorough ADA Compliance Now course for $30 off with coupon BF2022. (If you’re wondering if you need to be ADA compliant, if you have a website and have traffic in the US, the answer is yes.)


If you want to know the consequences for not being ADA compliant, they are expensive (usually a min of $2,500), stressful and time consuming to fix.  (Yes, I have 1st hand experience here).


She is also having a 25% sale on her legal templates (and coupon BF2022).  If you haven’t done this for your website yet, now is a good time to buy a


Sasha is having a 40% off sale on her Etsy/printable courses and templates.  These will help you both on Etsy and your own shop.

I recommend the following courses:

  • Creating fillable PDFs
  • Creating video to sell more printables

Fillable PDFs course


  • Handprint craft and memorable keep sakes (3 of these are doing really well on my Etsy shop)
  • 12 Fillable templates (one is doing well on my shop)
  • 264 lunchbox cards
  • In case of Emergency Binder (This has done well on both my Etsy shop and my own shop)

handprint crafts

Check them all out here.


My good friend, Leanne Scott has really advanced these last couple of years. (Impressive!) She is REALLY good at passive income (yes we are like 2 peas in a pod). 


Anyway, Leanne has some unique and super helpful and more advanced trainings that I think many of you will enjoy.


They are 30% off this week with coupon BLACKFRIDAY22

Leanne's Passive Income Superstars Black Friday Bonanza - Passive Income bundle


 TUESDAY ONLYLauren Keplinger’s Email Marketing for Etsy is $30 off. Lauren is a top 1% Etsy seller and this is a great course if you have an Etsy shop. 


Deposit Photos is running their semiannual super special deal with AppSumo where you can get photos for just 35 cents – the deal is just $35 for 100 photos, the lowest I’ve ever seen it in 6 years. (It’s a great time to stock up with 2-3 packs and I can see many have snatched it up already).

Black Friday sale on stock photos


Kate Doster has her signature Love Your List Self-Paced study for just $397 (rather than $997).  This is way less that I spent.  And, there are payment plans available, too.

Love your List email course logo

I didn’t realize, but she also has the full version available for $997 and this includes the facebook group, the weekly copy critiques (this was the part I personally found most valuable) and there are some unique bonuses…you can read all about it here.


Now, if you just get the self-study version now, you can upgrade to get the copy critiques and interaction later.  And, regardless of version you choose, she has several payment options (and she really doesn’t charge extra for these as most people do).


Ana Skyes – The She Approach

Ana from the She Approach is having a 40% off sale on all her items (coupon applied at checkout…and applies to all bump offers, too).  I think you’ll really enjoy her 12 months of blog posts in 1 month challenge


She also has a cool sales page template for Elementor if you are selling ebooks. You can check it out here.  It will save you a lot of time.  And, after the discount, it just comes out to $16.20


And, I totally forgot about her Ebook Best Seller course that I took a couple of years ago.  Really good.

Ebook best seller course


Mitzy Thompson has been quite gracious and offered a super discount…for my people ONLY to get her awesome Mockup Profit Multiplier at a super discount.


This will help you make mockups for your Printables so they’ll stand out…and help you sell more Printables…on Etsy or your own shop.  I really enjoyed the course.


It’s normally $97, but you can get it for just $27 with coupon code DEBBIENOVDEAL.


ConvertKit is running a 30% off sale if you upgrade to thee annual plan.  (This will also get you some nice savings on your taxes for this year, too.



I use and highly recommend LeadPages.  They are superior for conversions (if selling more is important to you) and offer all sorts of advanced features (like timers, conversions to secondary pages, ability to add sections and/or pop ups to your site, A/B testing and more).


Also, it’s super easy to clone your landing pages.  I used to have Elementor (which slows your site) and this is night and day.


Get 50% off if you upgrade to annual (that’s what I do). And, you can try it for 2 weeks free, too.



I know hosting at the entry point level (when you’re new or yout traffic is still fairly low (i.e. below 80,000  pageviews/a month or lower).


So many are having issues these days. It’s obvious that BluuHost, HostGator and SiteGround are all horrible choices. And, then NameHero became a good alternative, but even NameHero is having a slew of issues.


So, my new top pick for new bloggers is HostArmada as that’s the one that Grayson Bell endorses.


And, they are having a Black Friday sale -80% off the initial bill. (And, for those looking for a VPS if you’re more advanced, you can get a 30% discount).


No coupon needed. It’s automatically applied and good until 12/5.



ShortPixel – Image Compression (helps with speed)

One of the biggest reasons sites are slow is due to large images. You need to compress your images, and ShortPixel is the best one out there.  (It compressed 5-10x more than Smush).  I couldn’t believe how much faster my site was after ShortPixel.

Image compression with shortpixel - black friday sale

You can do a bulk compression too. Best of all, this is super inexpensive. I recommend using the one-time plan (not monthly) as you get so much more.  I bought the $19.99 plan a few years ago. It looks like it will last me at least another 10 years.


If you buy this week, you can get 60,000 bonus images, so it’s a super bargain.






The info is from last year.  Some links will work; some won’t.  Coupon codes will not work.




Jon Dykstra’s SEO/blogging bundle is $300 off this weekend. I really believe this bundle will help you. 

I’ve mentioned Jon many times before. I’m in awe of his ability to create and grow niche sites. He usually earns $80,000-$100,000 a month revenue on his niche sites. Yes, he has some expenses, too so the net profit is a bit lower, but Wow.

Jon Dykstra's niche site earned over $80000 on his main niche site

The bundle includes:

  • Long Tail Deep Dive ($197 value)
  • On-Site SEO Deep Dive ($147 value)
  • Content Site on Autopilot ($197 value)
  • Natural Link Building Strategy ($97 value)
  • Display ad Deep Dive ($97 value)
  • Pinterest Magnate ($197 value)
  • Facebook Magnate (this may come in handy as Pinterest is less than reliable lately)
  • Niche Site and Domain Selection
  • Niche Exponential ($147)
  • A few other bonuses


Yes, total value over $1,079.  You’re getting more than 50% off.


Pinteresting Strategies w/ Bonus templates

Carly Campbell has combined her Pinterest resources into 1 sweet bundle.  Plus, she’s given an additional discount.

Pinteresting Strategies comes with 15 bonus pin templates

You’ll get the following:

  • Pinterest Strategies Course
  • Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks
  • Pin Design Rules to Break
  • Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive 2021
  • Bonus content from my Pinteresting Pins Mastermind group


Use BLACKFRIDAY2021 for an additional 20% off.

It’s more than 50% off.


Oh, and you can use the same code to get 20% off her other courses including:


On-Page SEO Course – Stephen Hockman

I want to do an early introduction for you to Stephen Hockman from SEO Chatter.  He’s someone I unknowingly crossed paths with as a post of mine competed with an affiliate site he used to own.  (Thankfully he sold it).

Mastering On-page SEO

He’s been doing SEO since 2005 (that’s just a few years longer than I have).  And, I will be interviewing him for my upcoming podcast.

He has an awesome On-Page SEO course and it’s 50% off with coupon BF2021.



Trinity Owen – The Pay at Home Parent

Confused about keyword research?  Well, this will come in super handy.

Ebook on finding keywords

If you’re looking for a great and totally affordable Keyword resource, Trinity just announced that her book, Get Your Keywords together is 25% offUse BF2021.


Lena Gott’s – Adventures in SEO

RPM Revamp

It’s the perfect time of year to increase your ad revenue since we are in Q4.  Check out Lena Gott’s RPM Revamp.

Yes, it’s an easy way to increase your RPM (Revenue per thousand) with ads…with the traffic you’re already getting.  And, there is no time like the present to do this as the RPMs are at their highest this time of year.

RPN Revamp course

I’m about to dive into this and I can’t wait.  (I have some income to make up and this is part of my strategy.


This course should more than pay for itself within a month for most of you.


Lena Gott is one of my favorite authors.  I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers. And, I’m now honored to have her in one of my mastermind groups.  Once you know you have a good author that provides value, stick with them.

Black Friday sales - Lena Gott

You can get 30% off most of Lena’s courses with coupon code 30DEAL. Here are my faves:

  • I originally read Lena Gott’s famous Traffic Transformation in 2017 and thought it was absolutely awesome (even though I already knew a LOT about traffic).  Since then, there have been 2 more editions. so it’s all up to date. I highly recommend.  This is really great for beginners.
  • Income Generation Action Task Guide – You’ll find Lena’s secret sauce to building a profitable online business with less work. She’s reapplied here knowledge from the accounting world!
  • Money Making Blog Posts Masterclass – This course goes beyond standard affiliate marketing and sales advice to the root cause of WHY people would ever BUY THINGS on your site.

Lena also has some other items on sale and they range in price from $20-$500.  You can read all about these and her summaries here.  When you use this link and then click onto the products, the discount will be AUTOMATICALLY applied.


Crystal Paine – Make Over Your Mornings

This one can be a double win for you.  If you are a bit overwhelmed (e.g. a busy mom), this will help simplify things for you so you can accomplish more during the day (and in less time).  Check out Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings.

Make over your mornings

It’s really inexpensive…normally, just $17.

And, now, it’s 50% off!  Just $8.50.


Ready for the double win?  In case you haven’t heard of Crystal Paine, she’s a HUGE blogger. And, I mean huge.  She’s known as “Money Saving Mom.”


So, of course she has an affiliate program!  And, of course she has a course that fills a specific need for moms. And, of course she has a well converting course.  It’s inexpensive and her landing page is awesome.


How did I learn about this?  I read about it in other people’s blog income reports. Seems to work well for mom/parenting/baby blogs as well as frugal living and organizing blogs.


So, you can buy it now for just $8.50, become an affiliate and sell to your audience!

Snag it by Monday for the discount.




Stylized/feminine photos


Last Black Friday was the first time I got a Membership for Pixistock.  And, I’m glad I did.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Pixistock photo membership with 3 different and diverse models

DepositPhotos is great for everyday photos and room scenes.  But there are plenty of times where I want more lifestyle photos or flatlays or stylized photos.  There are tons of awesome shots, and every month, photos are added to the collection.  There’s no limit to the amount of downloads, and the portfolio keeps getting larger.


What’s extra cool about Pixistock is that there is a diversity of models, and I really appreciate it. Also, Alicia asks for feedback and suggestion on the subject line up. And, she actually listens. I’m loving Pixistock.


In addition to photos, there are templates and some training.  As an extra cool bonus, anyone that buys the membership by Dec 1st will get free access to Reels Roadmap course.


For Black Friday, Alicia is running a $100 off the annual membership.  And, that discount will renew each year (for as long as you want). Totally reasonably priced (and lower than what I thought it would be.


Ivory Mix

I was just introduced to the Ivory Mix collection in September. And, let me just say wow. It’s awesome for feminine stylized photos.


For Black Friday weekend, you can save $20.21 off of VIP Access.


Site speed course from iMarkInteractive

First, if you are a DIY person, I highly recommend Grayson’s new Site speed course.  And, you can get it for 20% off.

DIY site speed course by Grayson Bell

No coupon code will be needed.



Amira Law – A Self Guru


Landing Pages


This was probably my most valuable purchase from last Black Friday.  I didn’t even realize what I was missing.  The major win has been better conversion on my product sales and opt-ins.  This alone makes them worth it.


Second, it makes my site faster.  And, it makes my process of creating Landing Pages faster.

Third, there are a lot of other nice features including site-wide or page specific pop ups.

And, best of all, you can get these 60% off.  Yes, that’s less than what I paid. You can check out LeadPages here.


Keyword finders and AI


I love Keysearch because it’s good and it’s affordable.  Well today, it got even more affordable.  You can now save 40% with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.


Jarvis AI

Jarvis can really speed up your SEO posts.  It’s not for beginners.  But, right now you can get a super deal at a 60% discount. Plus get a 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up HERE.



Best hosting for newer bloggers – NameHero




WP Rocket – For caching (helps with speed)

Caching helps speed up your site by saving your images and text to that users can access you page faster.  When I switched to WP Rocket, it really improved my site speed.  It’s one of the only plugins I pay for. Worth it.  I got it 2 Black Fridays ago.

They have a 30% discount (no coupon coded needed).  It will be available next middle of 12/2.




During their Black Friday Special (Friday to Monday), you can get a bonus of 400% more credits so it will last you even longer.

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