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What is the best carpet for pets? Stainmaster® PetProtect® | Great for dogs and cats

When it comes to pets, what is the best type of carpet for our furry friends?

Best type of carpet for petsWe love our pets and we are a very pet friendly company…In fact, each of us has at least one cat or dog. We also understand that they can do a number on carpeting making it a challenge to keep them clean. Let’s face it, sometimes, pets have accidents – whether it’s a pet stain or just shedding fur, carpets can wear down faster with dogs and cats.


Thankfully, there is a new carpet solution in the marketplace that is perfect for pets. It’s invented by Stainmaster®, the leaders in carpet stain protection, and it’s called PetProtect®.


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What are the benefits of Stainmaster®’s PetProtect® line?Best carpet for pets

  • Resists pet stainsStainmaster® Pet Protect® carpet is solution dyed and made with SuperiorSD™ nylon fiber so it’s color safe.  It has built-in stain protection and it locks in the color so it resists fading.  It also can be cleaned with powerful peroxide based cleaning agents for more thorough cleaning of pet accidents (but we would recommend that you contact the manufacturer to double check which cleaning products they recommend).


  • what type of carpet is best for pets dogs and catsReduces pet odor – When Stainmaster Pet Protect is installed with a moisture barrier carpet cushion (such as TripleTouch carpet pad) or Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion, it reducers pet odor when it’s cleaned.  That’s because the carpet cushion with breathable moisture barrier prevents the pet accidents from soaking through the cushion and into the sub-floor.  This allows better cleaning as well as odor reduction.  The upgraded carpet cushion also extends the manufacturer warranty.


  • best type of carpet for petsReleases pet hair –  it uses a proprietary technology which is more anti-static making it easier to vacuum pet hair. This means less pet fur left behind and less on your clothes.  It can also reduce your time vacuuming.

Video – Stainmaster® PetProtect®

Other reasons you’ll love Stainmaster®’s PetProtect® line:

  • stainmaster petprotect carpet for cats and dogsDurability – Stainmaster Pet Protect is made with the highly durable SuperiaSD™ nylon fiber, so it provides superior resistance to household traffic from kids and pets.  This fiber helps the carpet retain its texture and original appearance.


  • Soft comfort – I was pleasantly surprised at how soft this durable carpet felt.  Soft for your feet and great if you or your kids spend time playing games on the floor.


  • Variety of styles – They offer solid texture (or cut pile carpets) as well as several with subtle tone on tone patterns.  And, I expect them to continue to offer more styles and textures over time.




  • carpets that are best for cats and petsPet warranties – Stainmaster® PetProtect® carpet offers the best pet limited warranty offered by Stainmaster®.  Believe it or not, the warranty covers urine, feces and vomit.  It also comes with limited warranties on food and beverage stains, soiling, fading, texture loss and static shock.


Superior fiber technology – more technical facts

  • Stainmaster® nylon 6,6 carpet fiber is one of the most durable fibers in the industry.  This type of fiber is used in these performance critical applications:
    • Airbags
    • Seatbelts
    • Parachutes
    • Engine components


  • Color fast – Solution dyed – this means that the color was added BEFORE the fiber was spun so it’s locked-in.  The analogy here is to think about a carrot where the orange color is found throughout the vegetable whereas other fibers are like an apple where the color is only on the outside fiber and not all the way through.  In addition, it resists fading from intense sunlight (UV).  By the way “colorfast” isn’t the same thing as “stain resistant.”  That is something entirely different…see below.



  • The superior technology comes from INVISTA’s commercial fibers division – where carpet fibers are designed to withstand more punishment than the typical residential household can dish out. Even after repeated foot traffic, soiling as well as cleaning, their carpet stayed newer-looking longer.


  • Types of carpets that are best for catsInherently stain resistant – The SuperiaSD™ solution-dyed 6,6 nylon fiber has been modified.  This polymer modification — not the fact that it is solution dyed — is the real reason why this nylon fiber resists stains so well.  Unlike other fibers which have stain protection treatment added to the fiber, this one doesn’t need any!  …So, since the stain protection is built in, it won’t wash off with carpet cleaning.


  • LotusFX® Fiber Shield -This is a technology that Stainmaster® created that makes their carpets stay cleaner longer.  It resists most liquids, provides exceptional soil protection, cleans up better than carpets made with Triexta.  With repeated foot traffic, soiling and cleaning, their carpets stayed newer-looking longer and is superior to Triexta carpets (i.e. SmartStrand).


carpets with stain protection for cats and petsStainmaster® is the most recognized and most trusted carpet brand in the country.  Their carpets are certified.  Stainmaster® PetProtect® Carpet is unsurpassed in stain protection.  If you have pets (or kids), this is a great carpet option.  It’s stylish, soft and durable.


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What is the best carpet for pets? Stainmaster® PetProtect® | Great for dogs and cats




14 thoughts on “What is the best carpet for pets? Stainmaster® PetProtect® | Great for dogs and cats”

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I have two dogs and me and my husband are considering buying a carpet. You helped us with our decision. Let’s hope we will be able to keep it as clean as possible 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Before reading this I had decided that next time around I would not choose carpet for the living room, simply because it was not pet-friendly.

    We can always count on you to have the answers Debbie – thanks for being so generous with your knowledge.

  3. I purchased the Pet protect carpet Feb 2015 and it is falling apart . I called Lowes and STAINMASTER both refused to help . They said because their was pet urine on it that was the reason it was falling apart . Not only is it unraveling but the seams are coming apart . I do not recommend this carpet to anyone.

    1. Rebecca – I’m sorry to hear this, but this does not sound correct. Stainmaster Petprotect warrants against pet urine. Here’s a link:

      If you are having issues at the seams, that sounds like an installation issue. It sounds like you are getting the runaround from Lowes. Unfortunately, this often happens when you use the big box stores. I would follow up with them. They should be your first line of communication. I know that we help our customers out when there are any manufacturer issues, and the reputable manufacturers stand behind their product. BTW, if it is Stainmaster PetProtect, Shaw is the manufacturer (Tuftex subdivision). Good luck with your issue.

    2. Rebecca-
      Wish I had seen these comments before purchasing our Petprotect carpet from Lowe’s! We’ve had it less than 3 months and it’s falling apart as well and coming up at the seams where it meets our hardwood floors! Complete junk!!!! We’ve contacted Lowe’s who sent out their own inspector who “determined”‘it was due to our dog! We’ve had animals and other carpet for years and NEVER had it look like this! Embarrassing to have guests over- esp. when they know it was “new” carpet! Will never buy from Lowes again and will for sure dissuade anyone I can from doing the same!! Buyer beware with this carpet- it’s garbage!!!!!

      1. Renee – First, I’m sorry that you’ve had some issues with your carpet. It sounds like there is a consistent issue with Lowe’s and that doesn’t surprise me as there are often issues with the cheaper products and cheaper installers used in big box stores. I doubt that this is a Stainmaster issue…stainmaster is basically a technology that’s used for a fiber. Then, a manufacture actually makes the product. The problem is that some of the big box stores private label thngs so that you can’t see who the manufacturer is and they leverage their scale to drive prices down for their customers (who are often price sensitive). So, they get cheaper and lower quality products. But the 2nd problem sounds to be the installers.

        I have never experienced any issues with Stainmaster’s pet protect line. I used to be part of a franchise and never heard anything bad about this product and in fact most raved about it. NOTE: I would hear plenty of complaints from franchise members on other products. This sounds like a Lowe’s issue, not a stainmaster issue. Issues at the seams are due to the installers and/or seam tape used.

        In general, the advice I’d give you in the future is to avoid the big box stores and work with a local flooring/carpet store with a good reputation. These places usually care about their customer and their reputation and will stand behind them. Anytime we had an issue, we worked with the manufacturer who sent out an independent inspector and it was usually resolved and the manufacturer…with them stepping up to the plate.

        Regarding your issue at hand, I would try to contact Stainmaster again. Complain about Lowe’s…because it should not have been a Lowe’s inspector…it should be an inspector from the manufacturer and they are required to hire an INDEPENDENT inspector. Also, find out the manufacturer or the carpet – which place actually made the carpet – was it Shaw or Tuftex or Mohawk or Beaulieu, etc. and then contact them. If none of that works, you may want to see if you can leave reviews on Lowe’s site and/or other places where they have reviews (e.g. Yelp, Angie’s List).

        Again, I’m sorry about your experience. And, I’m just trying to help you as it sounds like you had a bad experience and I hope you are able to resolve it.

  4. I wanted Stainmaster Pet Protect but Tuftex Murphy was installed instead. Is this okay? Which is more expensive (% more) and has the best stain coverage?

    Also do you know about the underlays? My contract specified Stainmaster Moisture Barrier pad with odor guard. They installed Spillguard barrier Technology instead. Do you know here which is best and if there is a price difference here?

    Thank you

    1. Mary – You’re going to need to call the place that you ordered the carpet from. I’m not sure why they would tell you one thing and then install another. That is a bit unethical. Regarding the 1st part of your question, that is impossible to answer…Stainmaster PetProtect is a line…with higher, mid and lower end products, so the answer is “it depends.” Second Tuftex Murphy may be a petprotect item. It may also be a private label item – the same products are named different things. I’m not sure if there is a difference in those carpet cushions as we don’t use them.

  5. Hi question, you mention above the reasons and the recommendation for cats. How about when cats scratch at the rug. Does that carpet also make it so that it doesn’t get ruined from a cat scratching at it?

    1. Julie – First off, let me state that sometimes nothing will hold up to that. That being said, the backing on nylon carpets holds up best to this, and these are nylon carpets. Also, cut carpets hold up better than looped carpets to the scratching (and they show things less when cats scratch. I hope that helps.

  6. I truly appreciate what you wrote about how the carpet fibers are made. Your opinions on the best fiber for pets. I do have a ? About patterns or non pattern carpet for pets. I have a declawed cat.

    1. Susan – The fiber is the same regarding the parts that are looped and cut, so you don’t worry about that. Usually, looped carpets are not a problem for declawed cats…at least that has been my experience over the years with my own cats. My current cats have claws and they love to play, so a cut carpet is better for them. Interestingly enough, I sometimes use carpet samples for them, especially around their kitty litter (for them) and to see if I put them other places what they’ll do…and some they just leave alone. I think sometimes, it may just be important to make sure they have somewhere in the home that they can scratch to pop off their nails as they grow. I have had a very small percentage of customers that have had problems with declawed cats causing havoc on carpets, but it does occasionally happen. (I’m guessing from the back claws).

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