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TRANSCRIPT – Which hardwood stain colors are most popular for hardwood floors?

What stain colors are most popular for hardwood floors - Westchester NYHi. My name is Debbie Gartner, and I’m known as The Flooring Girl.   You can find me a Today, I’m going to answer the question about what hardwood stain colors are most popular and what is trending.

As you can see from the Minwax stain sample collection there are a bunch of stain colors that you can do.   We always test 3 to 4 on our customers’ floors so they can see what looks best. The stain colors do come out different on everyone’s floors.

I do you want to caveat this by saying that if you are planning on staying in your home/if you just moved in and if you’re going to be living there for a while it is most important to pick a stain color that you I like and feel comfortable with and that works with the style and décor of your home. Don’t just go for the trends. If you’re selling, that’s a different matter and there you really want to go for what’s most popular and what will be appeal most to your local buyers.

So with that said, I’m going to move onto the trends and what I’m seeing at least here in the Westchester and New York area (We’re right outside New York City). If you haven’t seen some these trends in your market place yet, you probably will soon.

First, by far the most popular stain colors are the dark colors. The darker, the better and most people’s they love it. I really see this with many by higher end customers in particular in the very stylish and trendy homes.

This here looks like it’s a jacobean stain. Jacobean is the 2nd darkest stain; ebony is the darkest. I’ll show you that in a second. Here are some more dark floors. The one on lower left is ebony which you can see is a bit darker and it a little bit cooler. If you look at the kitchen on the upper part this is, it’s Jacobean which is still very dark but have a little bit warmer tone. But, you can see how nicely this contrasts with the white kitchen cabinets which is another reason that this color is so popular.

On the lower right, you see dark walnut which is a little bit lighter, but still in the dark family. It’s dark enough to give a dark appearance, but if you look at it close enough, you can still see borders around the sides (borders are peruvian walnut). You can still see the contrast there versus the other boards.

The second trend is natural. Natural is the 2nd most popular. It’s just light and airy.   It’s casual and timeless. It can also give you a contemporary look and works with almost all styles as well. Natural is very easy to clean and maintain. It tends to last longer it also tends to cost a little bit less versus putting a stain on the floor.

The 3rd trend is a strong preference towards browns/golds and away from red tones. Different people have different preferences in terms of how dark or light they like the floor. But, most people (probably 85 to 90 percent) really do prefer the browner tones homes rather than having red undertones. I will say that brown tones are much easier to decorate with. They’re much more neutral. If you have some different wood furniture you will have much better luck in not having anything clash. If you have brown tones, it’s easier for furniture, pillows, window treatments, paint colors collar both for now and after. It’s an important consideration.

Fourth, the new and upcoming trend is gray. Yes gray is in! It’s everywhere. Over the last year, I’ve gotten so many requests now to sand and refinish existing floors with a gray color. It really looks cool and hip. It’s a very cool toned color and it’s just very chic and very stylish. It is a little bit more expensive to do, and it’s really my higher end customers and more sophisticated customers that are asking for this. You need to do this with a water-based poly. It really can give you a very clean look. You can go with a lighter gray, go darker or go in the mid tones. It just depends on what you prefer.

And, 5th believe it or not… whitewash is making a comeback! This is a trend that started in New York City and I believe the Hamptons as well. It really works if you have very contemporary looking home with contemporary furniture. It also costs a little bit more to do.


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