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Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2021

9 Bathroom Vanity Trends to help you choose the best vanity for your space

For most homeowners, the master bathroom has become their sanctuary – their personal space where they can relax and grab a moment all to themselves. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom or even just making some minor changes, the bathroom vanity is one of the areas that can make a big difference – both for decor and functionality.

bathroom vanity trends 2021

bathroom vanity trends for 2021I wanted to note some of the latest trends when it comes to bathroom vanities to help guide you in selecting a vanity that will work for your tastes and your space. I’ve included many stylish and reasonably priced vanities in this article. If you click on most of the pictures, it will take you directly to that item so that you can find more info about sizes, material and prices.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links. That means that if you buy something, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


9 Bathroom Vanity Trends

You can find plenty of bathroom trend articles online, but for some reason, I found it difficult to find an article specifically written about bathroom vanity trends. This may be the first of its kind.


1. White, ebony and gray vanities

bathroom vanity trends for 2021 and bathroom vanity colorsBy far, these are the most popular colors (and in this order). These colors go with virtually all bathroom styles and colors as they are neutral. White will help make the space larger which is an important consideration if you are space constrained. If you prefer an ebony vanity, consider using a light white counter top.

Newtown vanity set – white


Importantly, these colors will stand the test of time, and also, if you decide to repaint the walls in a few years, they will still go. Other colors can be more challenging to decorate with and make it harder to sell your house in the future.


trends for bathroom vanities - gray bathroom vanity trends - ebony

Newtown Single bathroom set Chelsea Single bathroom vanity


You should also note that cooler tones, such as grays and silvers, are much more stylish vs warmer such as beiges, taupes and gold, so bear this in mind when picking vanity colors, paint colors, hardware, lighting and mirrors. Make sure everything will work harmoniously together.


2. Open shelving

bathroom vanity trends for 2021 - open shelvingThis has been a growing trend for years, both for style and space. Opens shelving can make a space look more luxurious and spa-like (think plush white folded towels), as well as friendlier and more inviting. Importantly, it also makes your space look larger. This really comes in handy for smaller spaces such as bathrooms.


Caldwell Single bathroom set


For this reason, many are choosing a vanity with an open shelf at the bottom. Others are building in extra open shelving on the walls. Both of these can also give you more of a farmhouse style look.


3. Vessel sinks

vesseled sinks - double vanity for bathrsoom - vanity trendsThese have been on the rise for several years, and they can really give your bathroom a unique look. You will often see stone vessel sinks or unexpected objects paired together. You can really get fun with this. Vessel sinks are more popular for powder rooms than for full size bathrooms. They really add some flair to a room and become the focal point.

Ferrara double vanity with vessel sinks


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4. Open bottom vanities

farmhouse vanity for bathroomsYes, those old cabinets that go flat to the bottom look oh so dated these days. Now, the preference is for open bottom vanities. They add a bit more space and make the bathroom feel less cluttered. If you are replacing a vanity (without updating the flooring), be sure to make sure that your tiles go all the way to wall.

Clemmy double bathroom vanity set


5. Floating vanities

bathroom vanity trends - floating vanityThis trend has become very popular in restaurants, and now we are starting to see in homes. One of the great things about these vanities is that the height can be adjusted. These give you more open space which can really come in handy if you have a small bathroom. Some of these are sleek and look like a stylish piece of artwork.

Double vanity set – floating


6. Under-mount sinks

bathroom vanity with antique lookSinks should either be under-mount, farmhouse style or vesseled. The old over-mounted sinks look dated and worse…they collect dirt. With under-mount sinks, the space looks fresh and updated. They are much easier to clean.


York bathroom vanity set


7. Marble and quartz sinks (rather than granite or laminate)

vanity trends for bathrooms - white marble counter topsWhite marble, or similar looking quartz sinks are the most popular right now as they look lighter and brighter. This style seems to work with almost every vanity color. There is a clear preference for marble (or quartz) over granite which tends to be darker and busier. The marbles have smoother designs and this adds some extra calmness and spa-like qualities to the area.


Most people prefer to avoid the marble lip (or backsplash) at the back. It looks more modern. But, this really depends on the wall behind it. If you have a tile wall, there is no need for the lip as the tiles protect the walls. Same goes with wainscoting. But, if your wall is bare and just has paint, you will be safer with the backsplash to protect the wall from water spattering on the walls.

Millfield Single bathroom vanity set


8. Brushed nickel hardware

bathroom vanity trends for 2021 and beyondBrushed nickel is by far the preferred choice for hardware (for vanities, as well as mirrors and light fixtures). Chrome is the second choice. These colors go better with the cooler tones which are more popular for vanity colors, tile floors as well as paint colors. And, they tend to go with virtually any color, so they are timeless.


Despite some reports that claim that bronze and gold are back or starting to trend again, I’m here to tell you that these colors don’t have staying power. They look dated and most consumers don’t like them. Furthermore, in a few years, they will date your home.


9. Minimalism

We are seeing a minimalist trend or “less is more” theme, and it’s especially important in the bathroom as it’s a small space. Try to keep the area decluttered. It’s a common design mistake that makes the area look messy and unsophisticated.


Bathroom Vanities you can buy online

bathroom vanity trendsBelow I’ve gathered several reasonably priced vanities that you can buy online. To find out more info for any of the vanities, just click on the picture to find out dimensions, materials and price. I divided this into 2 sections. First are single sink vanities and second are double sink vanities.


It’s important to note that almost all of these featured below come in white, gray and ebony, so just click on them if you like the style, but prefer a different color.


Single sink vanities


Double sink vanities


As I mentioned above, just click on the pictures to find out more information (or to buy any of them). And, click here for more bathroom vanity choices.

trends for bathroom vanities

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Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2021


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