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21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic Look

Bathrooms and powder rooms with farmhouse decor for a rustic style

Farmhouse style decor has become so popular these days, and it’s so much fun to give your bathroom a makeover using rustic and shabby chic decor.

21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic Look


There are 3 reasons why farmhouse style works so well for bathrooms (aside from being super stylish):

1.   Farmhouse leverages a lot of white and light colors, so it works well in bathrooms since bathrooms are typically small spaces.


2.  If you love farmhouse style, but your house is already decorated, bathrooms are private sanctuaries and rooms onto themselves that can easily be given their own style.


3.  Farmhouse decor is very affordable these days.


21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic LookSo, I’ve gathered some of my favorite farmhouse style bathrooms, and you’ll be happy to know that if you want to mimic the look, they all have links where you can find the items that are used in the post to recreate these rooms.  Or, you can just buy that one piece you may have your heart set on (e.g. vanity, tile, lights, claw foot bathtub, etc.).


Underneath most of the pictures, I’ve included links where it says “shop this bathroom,” and if you click on those you will find the items contained in the picture.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

1. I love shiplap and it really gives this bathroom a farmhouse style and bright look.  And, who can resist that rustic vanity?

farmhouse style bathroom with rustic vanity and shiplap

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2.  Soaking tubs are all the rage these days, as are the stenciled tile floors.  I love that these are gray and white (rather than black and white) as it softens up the room.  Also, if you don’t like the darker grout lines for the subway tile, use a white grout.

farmhouse bathroom with gray and white stenciled floors

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3.  Here’s another bathroom with a claw foot tub that’s to die for.  I love how the tied the black and white them together with the vanity and the flooring.

modern farmhouse style bathrooms - black and white claw foot tub and vanity

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Accessorize with Farmhouse Style Wall Art

Here’s an easy (and affordable way to add some more Farmhouse charm to your room.  My friend, Becky Beach made these fun Farmhouse printables.  They are cute and you can just print and frame them and even make a cute wall arrangement.  Use my exclusive discount code (DEBBIEG).

Farmhouse style wall art printables

sliding barn house door and shiplap

4.  This is a great rustic bathroom with the painted shiplap walls.  I would recommend using Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW6204) for a slightly lighter green (but same tone).  This looks like Rainwashed (SW 6211) and I like this as well, but it’s often a bit dark for most bathrooms (see farmhouse paint colors).  The pale green goes really well with the rustic vanity.  The lights are a nice touch!

modern farmhouse style bathrooms - pale green shiplap and rustic wood vanity

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5.  Check out the subway tile treatment on the wall.  This is a cobblestone pattern and adds some visual depth to the room.  I also adore the convenience of the bamboo caddy for bathtub.

modern farmhouse style bathroom with soaking tub and bamboo bathtub caddy

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6.  Now there are several reasons that this bathroom is awesome (beside the obvious decor).  Some may not notice this on first glance, but this bathroom follows universal design principles.  That means that it’s set up for someone to age in place (as walking may become more difficult).  Notice how there’s no shower lip or need to step up and over?  As someone who is younger but has had the wonderful pleasure of breaking a foot, I notice these things.  And, as your parents age, you’ll notice these things, too.


This bathroom is not perfect for universal design, but it has the potential to get there (with a wider shower door, a sit in bench and maybe move the vanity).  Just something to consider if you plan on making your dream home into your forever home.  Anyway, I also love the glass shower door as it helps make this smaller space look larger.


And, the stenciled tile and rustic vanity shout farmhouse all the way.

modern farmhouse style bathroom with universal design

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7.  Now this farmhouse style bathroom turns the shiplap 90 degrees for vertical boards.  Personally, I would have opted to have the boards reach up to the ceiling as it makes the space look larger, but the bathroom still works due to the rustic vanity.

rustic style bathroom with vertical panels

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8.  Now, I absolutely love love love this farmhouse bathroom, and I’ve had my eye on it for a while.  The colors for the rustic vanity are perfect and it complements the color for the shiplap.  I also love the mirror and the look of the floor.  (But I will tell you from experience that the pebble rocks are not comfortable on your feet regardless of whether they are in the shower or the floor.  This project also included a sliding barn door to complete farmhouse look.

modern farmhouse bathrooms - shiplap and rustic vanity

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9.  Normally I prefer lighter bathrooms, but this one just works for me.  I love the darker taupy gray vanity and walls, offset by the lighter shower curtain. If you’re going for a deeper colored comfortable or masculine bathroom, this is an excellent way to do it!

shabby chic farmhouse bathroom

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10.  Here’s another shabby chic bathroom with painted shiplap.  Many may call this cottage country style.  Regardless of what you call it, it’s so cute and elicits great feelings of a time gone by.  I love the wicker basket and vanity for a shabby chic style.

country cottage bathroom and modern farmhouse style bathrooms

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11.  How can you not love this clean and bright look.  Using white on white just works and makes this small space look much larger.  The shiplap and white vanity work s well together.  And, if you look closely in the mirrors, you’ll see the shower is done with a white marble.  Perfect.

modern farmhouse bathrooms with shiplap

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12.  The vanity and mirror in this bathroom are just awesome.  And, I the wicker baskets give it a nice farmhouse style. But, the paint color is way to dark and not the best for farmhouse decor.  I’d go for Benjamin Moore Misty Blue instead, for a nice contrast with that vanity.

modern farmhouse style bathrooms and shabby chic vanities

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13.  I love this farmhouse bathroom for the ceiling and creative use of space.  This looks like someone converted their 3rd floor attic space into a bathroom, and we see use of this space here in New York in some of the older homes (i.e. those built in the 1800s).  Check out the wide plank pine flooring and shiplapped ceiling.


Now, I don’t like the entrance/steps into the bathroom, but it would work fine if the area was sub divided with a hallway.  But, they really leveraged the space well painting the ceilings, dormers and paneling white.  It’s amazing how bright this space is (and I’m sure those ceiling used to be dark with untreated pine.  The mirrors by the windows really help, too.  Wow, what a difference!

modern farmhouse style bathrooms - 3rd floor converted attic space

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14.  Here’s another shabby chic bathroom that makes good use of it’s space. It also looks like it’s on the 3rd floor.  The white makes it work and I love the wood beams and rustic wood vanity for an authentic look.

farmhouse style bathroom with low slanted ceiling.

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15.  I chose this one because I love the wide plank tile floors and the tile design behind the tub.  That stenciled picture frame is such a clever and stylish idea.  It goes so well with the marble tile on the walls and makes the whole room super special.

vintage bathroom with soaking tub and wide plank hardwood floors

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16. Here’s another clean and crisp farmhouse bathroom done in white.  I love the vanity with the open shelf at the bottom.  And, the accent wall with white shiplap just works.

white farmhouse bathroom with white vanity

farmhouse style bathroom decor

17.  I love this rustic farmhouse vanity.  And, the paint color is perfectly coordinated.  I love the matching mirrors, too.

modern farmhouse bathroom - rustic vanity

modern farmhouse bathroom decor

18.  This bathroom is a bit dark for me, so it doesn’t quite look like a farmhouse style bathroom yet for me.  But, it’s simple to adapt.  I would choose either a white or light gray vanity and then either paint the paneling with a pale gray or white.   Oh, and I love the criss cross black and white mosaic tile.

gray paneled bathroom with white subway tile

farmhouse style bathroom


19.  This is a bright and cool toned farmhouse style bathroom.  The super light gray paint works with the mosaic floor, and I love the matching vanity and white mirror.  The orchid is a nice touch (and yes, you can even buy the orchid and wicker basket shown in this picture.

farmhouse styled bathroom for a modern shabby chic look

farmhouse bathroom


20.  I love this white on white bathroom.  With the white floors and white shiplap walls, it’s a great farmhouse look.  I would probably chose a different white vanity and a soaking tub that’s a bit easier to climb into/out of, but the look is fresh and modern.

modern farmhouse bathroom in white

shop farmhouse bathroom with shiplap

21.  I chose this last one due to the unique sink (made from a singer sewing machine stand) and copper plated claw foot tub.  One of the things I love about farmhouse style is the re-use and upcycling of classic items in unexpected ways.

modern farmhouse style bathrooms

modern farmhouse bathroom

So there you have it.  21 modern farmhouse style bathrooms.  As I mentioned before, if you have na interest in any of the items shown above, click the “shop this bathroom” links so  you can learn more.  Which farmhouse bathroom is your favorite?


Accessorize with Farmhouse Style Wall Art

Here’s an easy (and affordable way to add some more Farmhouse charm to your room.  My friend, Becky Beach made these fun Farmhouse printables.  They are cute and you can just print and frame them and even make a cute wall arrangement.  Use my exclusive discount code (DEBBIEG).

Farmhouse style wall art printables

sliding barn house door and shiplap


Frequently asked questions for farmhouse style bathrooms:

Is beadboard farmhouse style?

Yes, beadboard is a classic feature for farmhouse bathrooms.  They give a clean lined look to a bathroom, making it look crisp, clean and elongated.  Historically, beadboard was installed to provide insulation (as it was a tongue and groove product).  Now, it is more of a decorative piece that adds refinement and lightness to the area, especially for smaller bathrooms.


Beadboard lines are typically clean and vertical.  An alternative that many homeowners love is shiplap which looks similar, but the lines are horizontal and the board are wider and often give a more rustic vibe to the room.  Shiplap is usually a bit thicker, so for smaller bathrooms, beadboard may provide a better option as it takes up less space in the room.


How do you decorate a bathroom farmhouse style?

Here are some classic farmhouse decor elements for bathrooms:

  • Shiplap or beadboard walls
  • Light, subtle, neutral paint colors such as whites, warm grays, light dusty blues and greens, light grays (see farmhouse paint colors for suggested paint shades)
  • Claw foot soaking tub (if there’s enough room)
  • Open shelving and/or open vanity
  • Farmhouse sink in vanity
  • Either wide plank wood flooring or black and white tiled floors
  • Sliding barn door
  • One or more farmhouse style decor elements (e.g. ladder rack for towels, wicker baskets, farmhouse style print, flowers especially hydrangeas, etc.)


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21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic look

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