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17 Best DIY Painting Tools to Paint Like a Pro (Faster & Easier)

Best Paint tools for a better, faster and easier job

Painting the interior of your home is a bit of art and science.  My painters (both men and women) have a lot of experience…and they use these tools to make the job easier and faster…and these tools make the job look better, too..

So, I want to share their best tips and tricks so you can paint your home like a Pro.  Here are the 17 best tools to simplify the job, whether you’re painting 1 room or a whole home

You’ll be happy to know that most of tools can be ordered on Amazon, so feel free to click the links for your convenience.

best DIY Painting tools for do-it-yourselfers

Please note that this article contains affiliate links. This means that if you buy some of these items, I may get a small commission (at no additional cost to you). You can read my full disclosure here.

Best Paint Tools for Do-it-Yourselfers

1. Painter’s tape

Of course, Painter’s tape is a MUST have. But, my painting gals found the best Painter’s tape ever.  It’s called FrogTape It’s not blue…it’s green.  It works way better than the traditional blue Painter’s tape.  This gives you sharper lines and no bleeding. It’s also super easy to remove.

Best painter's tape - Frogtape

best painter's tape

2.  High Capacity Roller

If you can minimize the trips to the roller tray, that means the less opportunity for paint drips. It also means you can get the job done faster. This high capacity paint roller keeps more paint in the nap and reduces the number of times you need to return to the paint tray.
Paint roller cover 3/8

best painting tools for do-it-yourselfers

3.  Simple metal tray with legs

This no frills metal paint tray is simple, practical (and inexpensive). The added benefit is that it comes with legs, and these come in handy when painting high on a ladder.
painter's tray for rollers [ DIY painting tool

paint roller tray [ DIY painting products

4. Stack racks for doors

Do you have a lot of doors to paint? Whether you’re painting cabinets or standard doors and have limited space, these StakRacks will come in really handy. They allow you to paint one side and then flip them over without touching the doors.

painting racks for doors

where to buy DIY Paint tools

5. Chinex brush

This brush costs a bit more, but it’s totally worth it. It will help you paint faster and more accurately. If you’re going to paint yourself, don’t skimp here. Incidentally, this is Amazon’s Choice as well.

paint brush

best painter's tape

6. Easy Clean Angled Chinex Brush (for trim)

Our painters love this angled brush for trim and nearly perfect lines. And, one of the best features of Chinex bristles is that they are easy to clean. Many of the newer water based formulas dry quickly and can coagulate on brushes making clean up challenging.  Chinex bristles solve this issue. The paint rinses right off of them so they look practically new.
purdy chinex paint brush

best DIY painting tools for a faster process


7.  Easy pour paint spout

This simple little hack makes pouring paint into the tray so much easier. It also prevents paint drips on the can which creates a mess on the can and floor.
Easy pour paint spouts

best painting tools for DIYers

8. Drop cloths

Yes, you’ll need them for sure. Some people have some on hand, but often not enough if you are doing many rooms. Here are some good and inexpensive ones.
drop cloths for painting your home

paint tools to reduce mess

9. Better roller pole

My painters wouldn’t think of using a roller without a pole, especially for the ceilings. It so much easier and speeds up the job.  This tool is really cool and you have to experience it to see the full benefit.  Press the button, and pull it back. The pole expands in both directions like magic.
paint roller pole extender [ best painting tools
best painter tools

10. Little giant ladder

This will come in handy if you have any high walls/ceilings or stairwells. This ladder is flexible. It can contort into all types of configurations and that makes it ideal for stairways.
little giant ladder for painting your home
Professional Painting tools


11. Handy paint pail 

Having a small pail to hold paint for the trim (while balancing on a ladder) makes sense. This handheld paint pail even has a magnet inside that will prevent the paint brush from dropping into the paint. It’s light and the stretchy rubber makes it easy to hold in one hand (even if you have smaller hands like I do).

Pro Painter's tools


12. Most comfortable brush for small spaces

Do you need to paint some small spaces or corners? This brush is petite and comfortable to hold so you can get to the tight spots where a long handle of a conventional brush can get in the way.
Paint brush for small spaces

Professional Paiint tools for homeowners


13. Paint brush cover

This is very handy accessory. If you get interrupted while you’re in the middle of painting with a phone call or something, just set the brush in the paint cover and seal it.  It’s kind of like having Tupperware for your paint brushes. It will certainly keep it fresh and wet overnight and probably up to a week.

Paint brush covers


14. Paint touch up pen

OMG this may be the greatest invention ever. This will come in really handy for later – whether it’s scrapes or smudges.
Paint touch up pens

Paint tools that save time


 15. Shurline paint edger

This paint edger is a simple (and cheap tool) tool that does a great job with clean edges and corners.
paint edger for trim [ Best DIY paint tools
where to buy best DIY paint tools


16. Taping knife for carpets

When you’re painting the trim over a carpet, taping off the carpet often doesn’t work. Instead, you can use a taping knife. Simply push it under the base board, paint and wipe off the blade once in a while.
Taping knife for protecting carpets while painting
Best DIY Paint products for a smoother painting process


17. Pro Masking Tool

You can mask off the baseboards faster with this tool. It’s so much faster and more convenient to use this method. This will help with your baseboards, windows, doors and paint cabinets.
Pro masking tool for painting a room

best paint tools

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