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15 unique coffee tables that will amaze you

Amazing coffee tables for your living room, family room or den

I seem to be slightly obsessed with coffee tables.  I’m not quite sure why, but I love them.  I think part of it is that they can be the centerpiece of the room…and they other part is that coffee tables can in fact define the room.  Yes, the coffee table is the gathering spot for friends and guests.  It’s a way to add some unique flair and define the style of your room.  It’s a place that you can add your personal stamp on.

15 unique coffee tables that will amaze you

And, of course I love coffee (yes, you can often find me a Starbucks). While I love Starbucks, I have to say there’s nothing like gathering in a cozy spot in your home with a warm cup of java while trading stories with your best friends.


15 unique coffee tables that will amaze youI wrote a coffee table buying guide to help homeowners select the best size, shape and style for their room, and you can check it out here.  And, from there, that master guide has spin-off articles on ottoman coffee tables, rectangular coffee tables and rectangular and square coffee tables.


But, today, I’m just going to focus on unique and fun coffee tables.  I’ve gathered 15 unique and interesting coffee tables that I hope will open your mind to the wide range of possibilities for coffee tables.


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15 unique coffee tables

These unique coffee tables represent a wide range of styles and shapes.  Most are very reasonably priced, but there are a few pricey ones.  All of these can be purchased online and delivered to your door.  If you’d like to learn more info about any of them (e.g. size, price, etc.), just click on the picture(s) that interest you.


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15 unique coffee tables that will amaze you

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