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How to Transform Desserts into Restaurant Style Masterpieces

Decorating desserts for a delectable and irresistible treat

I don’t know about you, but I love love love desserts, and I’ve always had a sweet tooth.  I can’t help it.  I’m also a bit creative, so when I make desserts, I like to decorate them so they look amazing.  Yes, it’s funny…I decorate houses, and I decorate food.  I guess they’re sort of connected…at least in my brain.

How to transform desserts into restaurant style masterpieces


How to transform desserts into restaurant style masterpiecesI want my desserts to both look and taste awesome.  And, often, it’s really not that hard to do.  And, this finishing touch shows your guests that you really care.  And, believe me, they won’t forget.


I have to tell you that some of my best ideas come from restaurants.  Some of those chefs are super talented (and creative).  So, I like to search and reapply.


So, I’ve put together few simple tips to add some flair to your eclair…no seriously, I don’t even like eclairs.  A few tips to spice up your desserts.


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5 Tips to Transform Desserts into Restaurant Style Masterpieces

1.  Add some color

decorating your desserts to make them look prettyI love adding fruit to add some color (as well as taste).  I’m always partial to strawberries and raspberries, so I start with those first.  I then try to add some contrasting colors.  I’ve found the kiwis work very well (just slice them thin), so then I have reds and greens (perfect for Christmas…but not great if’s another time of year).  I then go for the blueberries, even though I hate them.  But, my mom loves them, so they make her happy (and I donate my blueberries to her).


This is one of my “famous” cheesecakes.  I love to decorate them and will often do some sort of concentric circles.  I will vary fruits based on the holiday…and what I’m in the mood for…and what’s available. Sometimes, when I can find a starfruit, I’ll place a yellow star in the middle.


2.  Compose your plate as it’s a painting

Yes, this really can be a work of art, and you should treat it that way.  Start with the plates…will you serve the dessert on round plates, or square or rectangular?  (You may want to buy some special plates for your favorite dish).  Determine the focal point.  How will the dessert be laid on the plate…and then how will you decorate around it?  Think about your spacing…is the piece de resistance in the center or off to the side?  Will you be serving it with whipped cream or ice cream?  If so, think about how the two parts will be placed together.


It’s very easy to add some chocolate or caramel sauce, or fruit or mint around it.


3.  Be creative and dynamic

Think like a painter.  Be creative…and experiment.  Observe what the masters do, and search & reapply.  If you see a dessert presentation you love, let the chef know (you’ll make their day).  Ask them how they do it and what tools they use.  Take pictures and recreate your own version.


4.  Contrast temperatures

If you are serving a warmed dessert, think about the delectable contrast in temperature you can create with ice cream.  Will you go with traditional vanilla?  Or will you mix it up with mint chocolate chip or coffee ice cream.  Using a scooper will always make things look nicer and more professional.


Or, if your dessert is cold, consider some hot fudge or warmed caramel (and not the cheap stuff).


5.  Combine textures

We love combinations of textures.  If your dessert is smooth and creamy, consider adding some crunch to mix.  This could be as simple as adding some wafers or fruit or nuts.


For more helpful tips, check out this article on Craftsy.  They have some great ideas and mouthwatering pictures.  They also have several online classes. They are a tremendous resource.


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How to Transform Desserts into Restaurant Style Masterpieces

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