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Hardwood Flooring on a Diagonal | Stylish floors for Westchester

hardwood flooring on diagonal westchesterInstalling hardwood on a diagonal can have a tremendous impact on the room’s look.  First, diagonal makes the space look larger.  That’s because your eye follows the longest length of the room, and if you remember geometry, the hypotenuse is always the longest length of the triangle.


Secondly, diagonal adds visual intrigue to the room – it just looks much more interesting than the standard straight lay.

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hardwood flooring diagonal oak westchesterThird, usually, in most layouts, the diagonal draws you in from the entrance to the focal point of the room. I especially love installing hardwood flooring on a diagonal in square rooms.  


Diagonal works beautifully, and it has the largest and most dramatic impact in these types of rooms.  This is one of my favorite design tips.


hardwood floors diagonal layout westchester

A diagonal layout will cost a bit more.  That’s because there’s a bit more labor involved and it requires some extra wood, as there will be extra cuts along the edges.  Most customers agree that the incremental cost is worth it.  It looks stunning.

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