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Tile Flooring Trends | Westchester County NY

Trends in Tile Flooring for Westchester County

1.  Natural Stone or Natural Stone look.

In Westchester County, customers are moving away from shiny/glossy tile towards a more tumbled natural stone look.  Whether it’s a shiny ceramic tile or a polished granite/marble, shiny glossy tiles are challenging to maintain. They show dirt and water spots.  They also require more maintenance (including sealing).  A natural look, especially porcelains that look like natural stone are visually more appealing and practical as they hide the dirt with the color and texture variation.  They are also easier to clean and easier to maintain since you don’t need to seal them as you do with natural stone.


2.  Larger format tiles


Large sizes make the space look larger.  At a minimum, you should be using 12 x 12 tiles.  But, if your space is larger, an 18 x 18 can look very impressive and for extremely large spaces, 24 x 24 can have a big bold look.  Another benefit with larger size tiles is that there is less grout to clean.  (By the way, thinner grout lines are in style too…and easier to clean and the grout lasts longer).






3.  Brick shaped tiles, Brick Lay style and linear patterns

Brick lay tile flooring trendsThe rectangular shape is so stylish for Westchester homes.  You’ll see it in large entryways and kitchens.   This trend started in upscale NYC buildings and it’s stunning.  More and more tiles are being made that are 12 x 24 and this longer size/shape elongates your space and makes it look larger.  I also love to mirror this pattern in kitchen backsplashes with a subway tile – either a classic white or tumbled/honed natural stone.  Again, this makes the space look larger helping to enhance the granite and the cabinets and the shape consistency brings the kitchen together.


linear flooring tile trendsAlso, I’ve been seeing more and more linear patterns.  Sometimes, this is in the tile design, sometimes this comes in the form of a border where there are long rectangular shapes.  They look sharp and have an elongated effect on the floor (or walls).  Sometimes, with the linear patterns in the tile, it allow you to add more visual intrigue by quarter-turning the tiles at a 90 angle.


4.  Tile that looks like hardwood

Porcelain tiles that look like hardwood  are so fashionable.  They tend to be a bit more expensive, but they give the place a real modern look.  They are practical for those who want the look of hardwood in the kitchen, entry or powder room, but want something that is waterproof.





5.  Gray tile and a concrete look

Gray has been the hot color for the last several years.  It’s neutral and stylish (and incidentally, it helps hide the dirt which is a similar color).  Grays, metallic looks and industrial concrete styles are clean and modern.  Now, these colors are evolving into hardwood and carpet as well, but this stylish trend started with tile flooring.  These colors also work well in kitchens with stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel hardware, and work incredibly well with white cabinets.


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Tile Flooring Trends | Westchester County NY

2 thoughts on “Tile Flooring Trends | Westchester County NY”

  1. Just like arabesque tiles, we don’t think this trend will last forever and, in time, we anticipate subway tiles will go back to their roots on walls and shower floors.

    1. Interestingly enough, arabesque tiles have been reinvented in carpets, area rugs, furniture and so many other areas of the home (just look for Moroccan Trellis). The other interesting thing is that I originally wrote this article about 4.5 years ago and the trend has strengthened since then. Nonetheless, it really doesn’t matter if your don’t like the trend. Do what you love in your own home. It’s important that you choose what you like rather than just what’s on trend. And, a trend, does not last forever.

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