Stylish poufs for your home…and what’s a pouf?

Poufs are one of the latest decorating trends. I love them because they are pretty and practical at the same time.

17 stylish poufs for your living room and dining room


What are poufs?

Poufs are essentially smaller forms of ottomans.  The name pouf is derived from the French word, “pouffe,” which means large cushion.  Poufs are usually cylindrical or cubic in shape.


17 stylish poufs for your living roomPoufs make great accent pieces by adding design flair, often though color, texture and pattern.  In addition to their great style, poufs serve 2 practical purposes:  1) they can be used as a foot rest or 2) they can be used as an extra chair when you have more guests.  Sometimes, they are even used as tables.


Poufs are great because they are easily moveable and don’t take up a lot of space.  And, thankfully, they are rather inexpensive, especially compared to buying another chair or a traditional ottoman.

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17 Stylish and practical poufs for your home

Here are 17 of my favorite poufs.  If you follow the links on the pictures, you can buy any of these items online (many are available at Amazon, as you’ll see).


This first set can be purchased on Amazon.  Just click on the pictures if you’d like to see the prices or even purchase them.  Some of the poufs come in different colors.

Here are some that I found on and West Elm.  Again, click on the pictures to find more info.



Which is your favorite?  I think I like the gray and white options, especially the 1st and 3rd ones.

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17 Stylish poufs to add flair to your living room