What are the best warm grays and greiges when it comes to paint colors?

Gray is currently the most popular paint color.  It’s soft, stylish and neutral…the perfect combo.  Gray also works so well with dark hardwood floors (the most popular) as well as light hardwood floor.  It just seems to work everywhere.

9 amazing warm grays and greiges from Sherwin Williams

But, many people who want to paint their walls gray are concerned that their home will look too cold and stark.  Well let me put this fear to rest.  Believe it or not, there are hundreds of grays.  It’s all about choosing the right gray, and it is easy enough to find a warm gray.


9 amazing warm grays from Sherwin Williams - best greige shades of paintWhile having a 100+ grays is in some ways a good thing, it can (at times) also make the task of selecting the best gray a bit intimidating.  So, I’m going to help you cut through the clutter.  I’ve narrowed this down to my favorite 9 warm grays.


While 9 may still sound like a high number, you’ll see quickly that some are lighter, some are darker (and some coordinate together well for accent walls).  Some are grayer (yes, I think I just made up a word) and some are more beige…in fact, they are greige (a combo of gray and beige).


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Warm Gray Paint Shades from Sherwin Williams

9 Amazing greiges and warm greys from Sherwin WilliamsThese are my favorite warm gray shades of paint from Sherwin Williams.  They are popular and tend to go well with most floors and most furniture.  My customers seem to love them, and they just work.  You really can’t go wrong with any of them.


✅ Note: If you’re planning on painting yourself, here are some  helpful tools to make the job faster and easier.


Warm vs Cool Grays

warn gray vs cool gray paintsI know that “warm gray” may sound like an oxymoron.  How can gray (which is a cool color) be warm at the same time?  Well, warm grays are mixtures of warm and cool tones, so that they are relatively warmer and more inviting.  They generally have beige, brown and taupe undertones…as opposed to cool grays which have more blue undertones.


warm gray vs cool gray paint colors | Sherwin Williams greige colorsYou can read my article on cool gray tones here.


When it comes to choosing a base color for your walls, I prefer to go lighter, so the majority of these warm grays and greiges are on the lighter side.  They also work well with darker gray/greige accent walls.


While these colors do work for most homes, I always encourage my customers to get testers and see the color for themselves in their own homes…in their own lighting.  It’s ideal to test on all 4 walls as the lighting is different on all 4 walls.  Look at the samples during the day, early evening and night time, and make sure you love it.  (Learn more here: 5 tips when using paint testers).


Do you need any paint shade fan decks?

Amazon can help with that. It’s so much easier when you have the full color wheels and can see all of these in your own home (vs. going back and forth to the store MULTIPLE times).

Sherwin Williams           Benjamin Moore
Sherwin Williams fan deck | best warm grays and greiges How to find the best grays, greiges and warm greys

9 Fantastic warm gray and greige shades from Sherwin Williams:

These first 3 grays coordinate well together.  So, if you use Silverpointe for you base color, you can use Ellie Gray and/or Stamped Concrete for a darker accent walls.

1.  Silverpointe (SW7653)

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW7653 - light warm grey - best Sherwin Williams grayThis is probably my favorite paint color because it’s so versatile.  It reads gray, but it’s a slightly warm gray due to some subtle taupe undertones.  Because of that, this color tends to blend in and complement almost any room it’s in.


This color is the most popular among our upscale customers in Westchester County (just outside NYC).  It’s trendy and classic at the same time.


And, Silverpointe is light enough to work with dark hardwood floor and versatile enough to work with light hardwood floors.  It works with most pieces of furniture, too.  I absolutely love it.


2.  Ellie Gray (SW7650)

Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray SW7650 - warm gray accent wallEllie Gray is a deeper version of Silverpointe and works very well for an accent wall.  This work great as a full accent wall or if you have a chair rail, it looks great with Silverpointe on the top part of wall and Ellie Gray on the lower portion.


3.  Stamped Concrete (SW7655)

Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete SW7655 - warm gray paint shadeStamped Concrete is great for an even deeper and richer accent wall for a larger contrast with Silverpointe.





Debbie Gartner The Flooring Girlpaint color trackerNeed help keeping track of your paint colors and sheens?  This tracker makes it easy.



These next 2 paint colors also coordinate.  You can use Repose Gray as your base color and Mindful gray as a darker shade for an accent wall.


4.  Repose Gray (SW7015)

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7015 - popular greige paint colorRepose gray is another gorgeous warm gray.  It’s a bit darker and a bit more beige than Silverpointe.  It’s one of Sherwin Williams best sellers.


It has a brown and taupe undertones with the slightest hint of purple.  The purple is so subtle that most people don’t notice it, but they do notice how it makes them feel – at peace.


Repose gray goes especially well with dark hardwood floors, and it also looks amazing with very light hardwood floors.  And, interestingly enough, due to its taupy undertones (taupe is a mix of gray, green and brown) it also does well with dark brown floors with red undertones. Greens and reds are complementary on the color wheel, so that’s why these can work together.


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5.  Mindful Gray (SW7016)

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray SW7015 - Greige accent shade of paintMindful gray is a nearly perfect greige.  It’s a beautiful blend of gray and greige for a truly balanced warm gray. It’s super neutral and really doesn’t appear to have any other undertones.


Mindful Gray is a great contrast color for Repose Gray so it works well for accent walls as well as kitchen cabinetry.


Before I cover the final 4 greige paint colors, I wanted to share a VERY helpful video from Sherwin Williams, with some quick and super useful DIY painting tips.  It’s just 2 minutes and covers types of brushes and painting techniques.  Also, towards the end of this article, I share the painting tools and accessories that we use (with links to buy them on Amazon).

Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn Painting tips for DIY homeowners


These next 4 shades are meant to be base colors.  They all have coordinating accent colors and you can find those on Sherwin William’s website of if you buy the fan deck (all sheets are color coordinated).


6.  Useful Gray (SW7050)

Sherwin Williams Useful Gray - warm greige paint shade and best greysUseful Gray has yellow and green undertones.  It looks great with natural wood because it’ light and fresh.


It’s both warm and sophisticated.  It’s probably the warmest of the bunch.


7.  Popular Gray (SW6071)

Sherwin Williams Popular Gray SW6071 - warm greige paint shadePopular Gray has some brown undertones.  It reads a bit more beige than gray.  It pairs well with Versatile Gray and Perfect Greige for accent walls.  The darker you go on this color strip, the browner you’ll see the tones.




Debbie Gartner The Flooring Girlpaint color trackerNeed help keeping track of your paint colors and sheens? This tracker makes it easy.



8.  Agreeable Gray (SW7029)

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW7029 - warm greige paint colorThis is a fabulous gray with beige/brown undertones to soften it.  The overall read on the walls is a soft gray.  It’s a bit warmer than the others shown above, light enough and neutral enough so that it won’t take over a room.


Lately, my customers have fallen in love with this warm gray.  It just works in almost every room of the home.


agreeable gray in bathroom - warm grayAlso, check out this article on Agreeable Gray that goes in depth on the color and coordinating shades.  This is one of the most versatile paint shades on the market.



paint colors for rooms with only one window




9.  Worldly Gray (SW7043)

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray SW7043 - warm greigeWorldly gray is very similar to Agreeable Gray as they both share the same foundation of beige/brown.  Worldly gray tends to pick up a hint of green giving it a softer/smoother look even though it’s a tad darker.


It tends to blend and complement many beige and greige tiles, so Worldly Gray is often a great option for bathrooms…or kitchens, if you have a beige backsplash


Is it gray or grey?

best painting tools on Amazon to make the job easierWell the answer is that both spellings are acceptable.  American English uses “gray” and British English uses “grey.”  So, you will Canadians and those from UK using “grey” and most Americans use “gray.”


You will find that most American manufacturers, such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, use “gray” for their color choices.  But, either way, the meaning is the same.


What is greige?

As the name implies, greige is a combo of gray and beige.  It’s basically a warm gray (or said another way…a cooler beige).  It’s actually a spectrum of shades with some closer to gray and some closer to beige.


warm gray and greige paint shades from Sherwin WilliamsPersonally I prefer those that are closer to gray as gray seems to be more stylish and contemporary…and these shades tend to coordinate better with more items, whether it’s the floors, area rugs, window treatments, pillows, paintings, etc.



I hope you love these warm grays and greiges as much as I do.  These colors tend to be very neutral and forgiving.  Do not stress about the nuances among them.  Just choose one that you love. And, I want to remind me that no matter what I think or others think, in the end, it really only matters what you think.  It’s your home.  Choose what you love.


Color consultation for Westchester County

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Helpful tools if you are going to paint yourself

Here are some painting tools that may come in handy if you’re going to do the painting yourself. Also, be sure to check out my article on the Top 10 DIY Painting mistakes and how to avoid them. The products below can be found on Amazon and delivered straight to your door.

  • Painting brush – this one costs a bit more, but it’s totally worth it. It will help you paint faster and more accurately. If you’re going to paint yourself, don’t skimp here. Incidentally, this is Amazon’s Choice as well.
  • Painter’s tape – a must have. Use for all the trim as well as ceiling area
  • Paint roller kit – this includes a tray. Use the brush for the edges and the roller for main areas of the wall (and ceiling).
  • Drop cloths – Yes, you’ll need them for sure. Some people have some on hand, but often not enough if you are doing many rooms.


Do you need any paint shade fan decks?

Amazon can help with that. It’s so much easier when you have the full color wheels and can see all of these in your own home (vs. going back and forth to the store MULTIPLE times).

Sherwin Williams              Benjamin Moore
Sherwin Williams paint colors and how to find the best warm gray

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