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Top 5 Prettiest Flocked Christmas Trees

Where to buy the best and most affordable flocked Christmas Trees

The prettiest and best flocked christmas trees

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best flocked christmas trees 2020If you’re curious (or in a hurry)

✅ This specific flocked Christmas Tree is the most popular with our readers.


It’s a beautiful flocked tree and it’s built with hinged branches, so it’s easy to put together and easy to store for next year. And, it comes complete with a tree stand. You’ll also find that it’s also one of the most affordable flocked Christmas Trees you’ll find online.


If you can get it for under $100, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal for a Holiday Tree! (check current price).


By the way, most of the items on this page are available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping. If you procrastinated on buying a Christmas Tree. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can grab a FREE 30 day trial for the holidays!


What is a flocked Christmas Tree?

The best flocked christmas trees - and, what is a flocked christmas treeFlocking means attaching tiny fibers to a surface to create texture. The recipe usually includes paper pulp, corn starch, and boron as a flame retardant. This recipe is used to make trees look white and snow capped.


We’ve been dreaming of a White Christmas for more than a couple of centuries. In fact, the people have wished for a snowy Christmas since the 1800’s and flocking a tree gives us this wishful and nostalgic look. The tradition started back then and really caught on in the 1950’s, most likely accelerated by the movie “White Christmas.”


Flocking you own tree can be a bit complicated and time consuming (and certainly messy), so most prefer “premade” flocked trees. Not only are they simple and convenient, but they can also be re-used for years to come. Below I’ve listed the 5 best flocked trees and this is followed by the best choice of a combo flocked tree with lights and my top pick for a mini flocked tree.


What’s the right size for a flocked tree?

best flocked christmas trees and where to buy them on saleThis depends in the size of your room and the height of the ceiling, as well as your budget. Most houses have 8 foot ceilings, so usually a 6 ft or 7 ft height works best. Remember that you want some space between the tree and ceiling. And, if you plan on putting a star or angel on top, allow for extra space.


Once you know the height, then look at the width. If you want a narrow one (because you’re limited on space), go for one that’s around 28 inches. If you want a wider and fuller tree, go for one that’s 40 inches or wider. (The taller and wider ones cost more, obviously).


Point of clarification: the stated sizes include the base, so it tells you how high the tree will be when it’s standing on the floor.


The 5 Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

6 foot flocked Christmas tree1. Perfect Holiday Christmas tree, 6 ft with flocked snow. This is 6 feet tall, comes in with hinged branches, so it’s super easy to store. It also comes with a tree stand.


This is currently the least expensive and best value option for a 6 foot tree. The only down side to this is that it’s a bit narrow (28″), so if you’re looking for a fuller (or taller option), check out the other outstanding choices below. They are just a little bit more.

Buy it now on Amazon -best flocked christmas trees


7 foot flocked christmas tree - the best flocked trees2. Artificial Christmas tree with pine cones – If you’re willing to spend a bit more, this flocked Christmas Tree and an excellent value and a bit different than the other flocked trees out there. It has pine cones and light flocking, so it looks more realistic. And, it’s 7 feet high and 55 inches wide, so it’s taller and fuller.


This tree also comes complete with a tree stand and hinged branches so it’s easy to store. It’s also available in a 6 ft version if you have lower ceilings or are tight on space.


This is the 2nd most popular choice among our readers, and it’s an awesome value for a 7 ft tree.


Check current price


7 ft flocked christmas tree - best flocked christmas treess3. King of Christmas 7 ft Prince Artificial Flocked Snow Tree – This flocked tree is also a great value and it has a nice full look. This is a 7 feet tree (48″ wide), but they also have a 6ft option, as well as various other sizes ranging from 5ft to 10 ft. (check size options here)

Buy it now on Amazon -best flocked christmas trees



6 ft flocked Christmas tree - the best premade flocked trees4. King of Christmas 6 ft Prince Artificial Flocked Snow Tree This is the same tree as above, but it’s the 6 ft version, so it’s a bit less expensive. This one is 28 inches wide.

best flocked christmas trees for 2018



6 ft flocked christmas trees - best flocked holiday trees5. King of Christmas 6 ft Flocked Christmas Tree – And, this is the 6 ft version that wider. It’s much fuller than the previous one as it’s 40 inches wide rather than 28 inches, and you can see it really makes a big difference.


To me, it’s worth the extra for the added width and fullness. It’s not a huge difference in price anyway. (Check current prices)

best flocked artificial christmas trees


White flocked Christmas Tree

Some people prefer white on white, meaning a white Christmas tree that’s flocked. These are a bit more challenging to find, but they give a really bright and unique look to your space. Here are 3 great options to choose from. They all come in multiple sizes.

best white flocked christmas tree buy a best white flocked christmas tree finding the best best white flocked christmas tree

best flocked christmas tree best flocked christmas treesflocked christmas trees


Best flocked Christmas Tree with lights

If you’re looking for a flocked Christmas tree complete with lights, this is a super choice. It’s the most popular one with our readers, and it looks wonderful. It’s also very affordable, too (check current price).

Buy it now on Amazon -best flocked artificial christmas trees with lights



christmas lights for the best flocked christmas treesAlternatively, you get one of the above flocked trees and then buy the lights separately. Check out these practical and affordable lights. The set comes complete with an optional flasher bulb and 2 spare bulbs. And, of course the wires are green, so they blend in with the tree.

Buy it now on Amazon -best flocked christmas trees



Best mini flocked Christmas Tree

best flocked christmas trees for 2018If you’re looking for a smaller option, here’s a great option. It’s just 4 ft high, and yet it’s full as it’s 28 inches wide. It can work well if you have a small apartment or are looking to put it on a table. It comes complete with a tree stand. It’s also one of the best sellers as it’s so cute and so affordable.

Check current price.

Buy it now on Amazon - best flocked artificial christmas trees 2018


Where to find extra flocking for accessories

SnoFlock for flocking trees and wreathsIf you’re looking for some extra flocking, here’s the brand I recommend. You can use this flocking for wreaths and garlands, or anything else your heart desires.

Buy it now on Amazon - best flocked artificial christmas trees 2018

Best places to buy affordable flocked Christmas Trees


Personally, I buy almost EVERYTHING from Amazon. It’s so easy and affordable to shop there. And, they have an excellent selection of flocked trees, as well as other accessories.

The Free Shipping alone lets me know I am getting a great deal and I’ve found the prices to be very competitive.

Plus, it sure beats GOING out to buy a holiday tree, especially as the cold weather sets in. And, what a pain to have to schlep this in a car. I’d rather have the delivery guy BRING it to me!


I have also found Wayfair.com a good place to buy items for the home. If you can’t find what you like on Amazon, try Wayfair. But, I have found that when the same item is offered in both places, Amazon is almost always priced lower.

Here are a few options from Wayfair.com


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Where to buy affordable flocked Christmas Trees – The top 5 prettiest flocked trees you can buy online

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